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Gender Matters: Welcome to Our New Host

Gender Matters Episode 9
August 25, 2021
Produced by Surabhi Pant and Hilary Vandenbark
Theme music: Liturgy of the Street by Shane Ivers -

On this episode, we say farewell to host Hilary Vandenbark and welcome our new host, Surabhi Pant! Hilary and Surabhi discuss Surabhi's research interests in the gendered effects of neoliberalism, capitalism, and colonialism on rural Indian women's land use. We also talk about what Surabhi is looking forward to in working at the Gender Institute and what Hilary has enjoyed most about her time here.

Guest Biographies

Surabhi Pant is the new Graduate Assistant to the Gender Institute and a P.h.D student with the department of sociology.  She is a qualitative researcher interested in understanding changes in land use and gender relationships resulting from development discourses in India. Her dissertation aims at exploring the relationship between broader structural forces like neoliberalism, capitalism, colonialism, and rural women’s connection with their land and biophysical environment in the Northern Himalayan region of India. She is also passionate about decolonizing theory and methodologies

Hilary Vandenbark is the outgoing Graduate Assistant to the Gender Institute. In 2019, she was a Women and Public Policy Fellow at the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society, SUNY Albany. Hilary worked as a housing and economic security policy consultant at the New York Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence as part of the fellowship. During her time at the Gender Institute, Hilary founded the Gender Matters podcast, organized the Gender Institute’s Black Lives Matter book club, facilitated Master Classes with our signature speakers, and participated in the Feminist Research Alliance Workshop.

Gender, Sexuality, and Speech: A Conversation with Dr. Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

Episode 4 of Gender Jargon, the miniseries on language and gender
June 15, 2021
Produced by Sydney Jameson-Blowers
Theme music: Liturgy of the Street by Shane Ivers -

On this episode, guest Dr. Kathryn Campbell-Kibler of Ohio State University and host Sydney Jameson-Blowers discuss how gender and sexuality impact both speech perception and sociolinguistic perception, as well as how gay speech is stereotyped across the globe, and new advancements that are being made in psycholinguistics with regard to gender and sexuality. 

Guest Biographies

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University. She received her BA and MA in linguistics from the University of Chicago, and her PhD in linguistics from Stanford University. She works on sociolinguistic cognition, most recently focusing on how Ohioans think about language difference within Ohio and how OSU students change their speech when they come to college. With a group of PhD students, she has developed OhioSpeaks, an integrated research and teaching project using real sociolinguistic data to improve courses university-wide.

Feminist Voices Across the Globe: An Introduction to the Global Feminisms Project with Dr. Abigail Stewart and Marisol Fila

Episode 3 of Gender Jargon, the miniseries on language and gender
May 25, 2021
Produced by Sydney Jameson-Blowers
Theme music: Liturgy of the Street by Shane Ivers -

On this episode, guests Dr. Abigail Steward and Marisol Fila of the University of Michigan and host Sydney Jameson-Blowers discuss the Global Feminisms project, a comprehensive archive of feminist voices from across the globe, and how it is being used in the classroom and in everyday life to diversify the conversation on feminism as we know it.

Guest Biographies

Abigail Stewart is Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Michigan. She has degrees from Wesleyan University, London School of Economics and Harvard University.  Her research interests include political activism, personality development and change in the context of experience and social history, and institutional change in higher education. 

Marisol Fila is a PhD Candidate in Romance Languages and Literatures Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Michigan. Her research explores twenty-first century articulations between diasporic and Black national identities in digital and print presses from São Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lisbon, Portugal.  Marisol is also interested in Critical Pedagogy, Digital and Public Humanities and in the ways in which technology and digital media can serve as a tool to share her research and work to a wider audience, but also to develop digital projects in partnership with Afro-descendant organizations across Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.