Get to Know Our Scholars

UB is the proud home of several prestigious award recipients like Madelaine Britt, UB's first Truman Scholar. Take a look though our scholars gallery, where we highlight some of UB's other award recipients and scholarship applicants.

Esther Buckwalter.

Esther Buckwalter, 2012 Morris K. Udall Scholarship recipient.

Samah Asfour

Samah Asfour will teach English in Jordan as part of her Fulbright English teaching assistantship.

Barber, Mukupa, Shibley

Three UB students have received prestigious Fulbright Fellowships, the most recent class in what has become a UB tradition of multiple recipients in the highly competitive, nationally-recognized scholarly competition.

Sean Bearden

An applied mathematics and physics whiz whose innate gift to do mathematical formulas in his head confounded his teachers in his formative years, has received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Bearden, Michki

Two University at Buffalo physics majors will receive the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, a prestigious national honor.

Jonathan bessette

U.S.-U.K. Fulbright recipient Jonathan Bessette, combines his love of engineering and art, in his education.

Maxwell Bileschi

Maxwell "Max" Bileschi has received the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education award, given nationally to outstanding undergraduate sophomores and juniors studying mathematics, science or engineering.

Sarah Boerschig

Sarah Boerschig, a history and Asian studies major and University Honors College scholar, is the first UB student to receive the 2012 David L. Boren Scholarship from the National Security Education Program.

Madelaine Britt

Madelaine Britt learned she has become UB's first Truman Scholar during a surprise meeting with President Satish K. Tripathi.

Esther Buckwalter

Esther Buckwalter—recipient of the nationally coveted Morris K. Udall Scholarship—has all the tools to solve a significant piece of the global water crisis. The extra bonus Buckwalter brings is her ability to charm those around her while doing it.

Dylan Burns

The United States-United Kingdom Fulbright Commission has selected Dylan Burns, an architect major, to participate in its Fulbright Summer Institute to study at Nottingham Trent University.

Courtney Burroughs

Life in Russia was fun, but challenging, for Fulbright scholar Courtney Burroughs.

Bradley Cheetham

While many lament the end of the Space Shuttle program, Brad Cheetham sees opportunity.

Delaj, Stafford

Alisa Delaj of Yonkers, a mechanical engineering major who will study at Korea University in a year-long program, and Carmila Stafford of Orchard Park, a linguistics major with a concentration in Japanese who will study at Konan University in Japan on a year-long exchange program, have been selected to receive the prestigious Boren Award.

Dundas, Maffettone (Tucciarone)

University at Buffalo chemical engineering majors Christopher Dundas and Phillip Maffettone (Tucciarone) are now a part of the prestigious group of students to receive the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

Nicholas Emmanuel

Nicholas Emmanuel received what is considered one of the country’s most prestigious scholarships for study abroad for his project “Challenging Identities: Studies in the Aesthetics of Hungarian Musical Modernism.”

Fedorishin, Seppala

A physics and math major whose self-proclaimed strength is to problem-solve from multiple directions, and the U.S.-born son of Belarus immigrants who is determined to become a “pioneer” in how artificial intelligence can improve national security are UB’s latest Barry Goldwater Scholarship recipients.

Fortman, Gosrich, Stewart

Fortman and Gosrich are among 240 students chosen nationwide from among 1,286 students nominated for the Goldwater scholarship from 470 institutions of higher education. Stewart received an honorable mention.

Fulbright, Boren—2017

The University at Buffalo’s aspiration to become a “top-producing Fulbright institution” took another significant step forward this month when a record number of undergraduates were chosen as recipients of Fulbright awards.


Seven UB students have received Fulbright awards, the prestigious national scholarship competition for grants to study, research and teach abroad in 2019-20.

Lisa and Stephen Gagnon

After earning UB undergraduate degrees, sibling scholars Lisa and Stephen Gagnon continue to build successful graduate careers at the university.

Gunnar Haberl

Legal studies and political science dual major, Gunnar Haberl, represents UB at the Center for Study of the Presidency and Congress

Sean Kaczmarek

Sean Kaczmarek has been chosen to receive a Marshall Scholarship, an honor many consider the country’s most prestigious scholarship.

Kong, Lin, Monakhova

Kong, Lin and Monakhova are among 260 award recipients chosen by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program. Congress established the program in 1986 to honor Barry Goldwater, a five-term senator from Arizona.

Abigail LaPlaca

Abigail LaPlaca will use her Fulbright award to travel to Panama to work with teachers who teach young children.

Christopher Llop

A passion for the environment drives Udall Scholar Chris Llop.

Claire Lochner

Claire Lochner, who graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in electrical engineering and mathematics, has been chosen to take part in the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship.

Cassondra Lyman

Cassondra Lyman, a psychology major who hopes to research social and cognitive aspects of depression is UB’s latest Goldwater scholar.

Phillip Maffettone (Tucciarone)

Phillip Maffettone (Tucciarone), a chemical and biological engineering major, is the first UB student to receive the Marshall Scholarship since 1988.

Jasmine May

Jasmine May was in the quietest library on UB’s North Campus when she found out she’d received the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater award.

Kristina Monakhova

Kristina Monakhova, an electrical engineering major, was awarded the John R. Sevier Memorial Scholarship Award, which annually recognizes two students nationwide who are interested in a science or engineering career, with an emphasis on space research or space science education.


Attending graduate school just got a lot more affordable for six UB students and one recent graduate. The scholars have been accepted into the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).


Two UB students and two alumni have received the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship awards. Four other UB students received honorable mention.


Inspired by life experiences that range from laboratory research to volunteering abroad, this year’s fellowship recipients plan to pursue research in areas that range from designing low-cost water desalination systems to developing technologies for plasma propulsion engines in space vehicles.

Anna Porter

 A UB anthropology major will take her passion for the “connections through time” to Durham University in Great Britain.

Presidential Scholars—2017

The UB Presidential Fellowship Program is aimed at enhancing UB’s competitiveness in recruiting outstanding graduate students. Students chosen for this award exemplify academic excellence and are some of UB’s best and brightest.

Presidential Scholars—2018

Meet the exemplary students that were selected as the 2018 Presidential scholars.

Presidential Scholars—2019

Meet the exemplary students that were selected as the 2019 Presidential scholars.

Jill Ricotta

It took just a few weeks at UB for Jill Ricotta to discover that her true passion lay halfway around the world.

Casey Rothberg

Casey Rothberg, only the second UB student ever to receive the competitive David L. Boren Scholarship, fits the scholarship program’s profile on paper well.

Daniel Salem

Every year a select few students are awarded the nationally renowned Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. Daniel Salem, a chemical engineering major at the UB, has now joined that prestigious group.


Meet some of the exemplary students that were selected as the 2019 Schomburg fellows.

Simon, Wolfson-Seely

Two UB undergraduates—Jenny Simon and Ethan Wolfson-Seely—have received prestigious scholarships from the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program for the summer of 2018. Both students are part of UB’s growing Asian languages programs.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith has earned distinction around the University at Buffalo campus for her—to say the least—nontraditional career path.

Izzy Starr

Izzy Starr, a UB PhD student who uses computing to study how microbes living on human skin impact immunity, has received a prestigious fellowship from Microsoft Research.

Andrew Stewart

Medicinal chemistry major, Andrew Stewart, lands a coveted National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program award.

Erin Sweeney

Fulbright recipient, Erin Sweeney, will conduct research on designing innovative policy frameworks for a resilient food system in Singapore.

Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez

At 26, UB alumna Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez, a global entrepreneur, human rights activist, teacher and philanthropist, is already changing the world.

Joseph Wolf

Joseph Wolf, recipient of the Benjamin and David Scharps Legal Essay, sets his sights on law school.