Get to Know Our Scholars

UB is the proud home of several prestigious award recipients like Madelaine Britt, UB's first Truman Scholar. Take a look though our scholars gallery, where we highlight some of UB's other award recipients and scholarship applicants.

Esther Buckwalter.

Esther Buckwalter, 2012 Morris K. Udall Scholarship recipient.

Fulbright NSFGRFP Presidential Schomburg Other

Fulbright Student Grant for Graduate Study, Research Abroad or English Teaching Assistantship

Samah Asfour

Samah Asfour taught English in Jordan as part of her Fulbright English teaching assistantship.

Barber, Mukupa, Shibley

Three UB students have received prestigious Fulbright Fellowships, the most recent class in what has become a UB tradition of multiple recipients in the highly competitive, nationally-recognized scholarly competition.

Courtney Burroughs

Life in Russia was fun, but challenging, for Fulbright scholar Courtney Burroughs.

Nicholas Emmanuel

Nicholas Emmanuel received what is considered one of the country’s most prestigious scholarships for study abroad for his project “Challenging Identities: Studies in the Aesthetics of Hungarian Musical Modernism.”

Fulbright, Boren—2017

The University at Buffalo’s aspiration to become a “top-producing Fulbright institution” took another significant step forward this month when a record number of undergraduates were chosen as recipients of Fulbright awards.


Seven UB students have received Fulbright awards, the prestigious national scholarship competition for grants to study, research and teach abroad in 2019-20.

Lisa and Stephen Gagnon

After earning UB undergraduate degrees, sibling scholars Lisa and Stephen Gagnon continue to build successful graduate careers at the university.

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson, a 2015 UB Graduate, is a PhD student in chemistry at Duke University and is currently conducting research in Switzerland on a Fulbright grant.

Abigail LaPlaca

Abigail LaPlaca used her Fulbright award to travel to Panama to work with teachers who teach young children.

Mariangela Perrella

Mariangela Perrella

Perrella combines a passion for integrating dance and movement with innovative classroom techniques that help teach children with special needs.

Erin Sweeney

Fulbright recipient, Erin Sweeney, conducted research on designing innovative policy frameworks for a resilient food system in Singapore.