Chateaubriand Fellowship—Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)


The Chateaubriand Fellowship is a grant offered by the Embassy of France in the U.S. The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) targets outstanding PhD students from American universities who seek to engage in research in France, in any discipline of the humanities and social sciences. This fellowship is offered by the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France. HSS Chateaubriand fellows are selected through a merit-based competition, using a binational collaborative process involving expert evaluators from both countries. There are three types of fellowships:

  1. Fall fellowship: four months, starts Oct. 1.
  2. Spring fellowship: four months, starts Feb. 1.
  3. Year-long fellowship: eight months, starts Oct. 1.



Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be registered in an American university (U.S. citizenship is not required; however, French citizens are not eligible).
  • Be currently performing PhD research on a humanities or social sciences topic.
  • Obtain a letter of agreement from their advisor(s) in the U.S. as well as a letter of invitation from a professor affiliated with a French university or research institution. The U.S. and French advisors must agree to co-supervise part of the applicant's thesis.

How to Apply

Selection Process

Each application receives two evaluations: one from a French scholar, the other from an American scholar. The candidates’ applications and their scholars’ recommendations are then reviewed by a final selection committee.