The Bibliographical Society of America Fellowships


The Bibliographical Society of America funds a number of fellowships to promote inquiry and research in books and other textual artifacts in both traditional and emerging formats.

Bibliographical projects may range chronologically from the study of clay tablets and papyrus rolls to contemporary literary texts and born-digital materials. Topics relating to books and manuscripts in any field and of any period are eligible for consideration as long as they include analysis of the physical object­ as historical evidence. Projects may include establishing a text or studying the history of book or manuscript production, publication, distribution, collecting, or reading, and the history of bibliographical study itself. Fellowship awards may be used to fund travel to collections and other expenses associated with research, publication, or other scholarly outcomes related to the topic for which the award was made.


  • BSA Short-term Fellowships
  • The Fredson Bowers Award
  • The Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography
  • The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography
  • The BSA-Harry Ransom Center Pforzheimer Fellowship in Bibliography
  • The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century
  • The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography
  • The BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship
  • The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas
  • The Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship
  • The BSA-Rare Book School Fellowship
  • and others.



Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident or a non-U.S. citizen who wishes to conduct research outside of the U.S. (with the exception of the BSA-Harry Ransom Center Pforzheimer Fellowship, which is open to international scholars).

How to Apply

Apply through Kaleidoscope.