NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program


The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSFGRFP) awards three-year scholarships for graduate study in mathematical, physical, biological, engineering and behavioral and social sciences, including the history of science. There are awards for women in engineering, awards for women in computer information science and graduate fellowships. This fellowship carries a stipend of $34,000 per year plus tuition waivers and fees for three years. Applications are available online and part one of the application is due in early October.


Candidates must have research experience. All NSFGRFP applications are evaluated using NSF’s two merit review criteria: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts. In order to present a competitive application, you must address both merit review criteria thoroughly. The Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals Statement and the Graduate Research Statement should both reflect these criteria.


Various dates based on discipline throughout October each year. Consult the program solicitation on the NSF website.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be a graduating senior.
  • Graduate students can apply only once for the NSFGRFP, either in the first year or in the second year of graduate school.
  • High GPA.
  • Past research experience.

How to Apply

Apply using the Research.gov portal.

Campus Liaison

Elizabeth Colucci

Additional Resources

Past Award Recipients at UB

Year Name Award
2020 Nicholas Bartelo
Jonathan Bessette
Ian DesJardin
Chris Gnam
Joshua Hazelnis
Grant Iraci
Zachary Kralles
2020 Payton Charlton
Katherine Eaton
Caleb Walcott
Honorable Mentions
2019 Meghan Capeling
Destiny Diaz
Matthew Falcone
Hailie Suk
2019 Emily Bonacquisti
Ty Santiago
Izzy Starr
Anthony Taboni
Honorable Mentions
2018 Tyler Barrett
Alex D'Arpino
Anne Fortman
Walker Gosrich
Daniel Matera
Andrew Stewart
Javier Yu
2018 Matthew Falcone
Patrick Krohl
Zachary Manzer
Michael Randle
Maria Lopez Ruiz
Honorable Mentions
2017 Allison Cluett Recipient
2017 Meghan Capeling
Laura LaBarge
Honorable Mentions
2016 Geoffrey Fatin
Dante Iozzo
Andrea Martinez
Kristina Monakhova
Ryan O'Hara
Luke Zakrajsek
2016 Andres Harris
Dana Havis
Patricia Johnson
Stephanie Kong
Sharon Lin
Kylie Molinaro
Alexandra Van Hall
Honorable Mention
2015 Sean Bearden Recipient
2015 Alec Cheney
Chris Dundas
Honorable Mention
2014 Karl Barber
Boris Brimkov
Ben Des Soye
Phillip Maffetone (Tucciarone)
2014 Alexander Foss
John McGreevy
Honorable Mention
2013 Sourobh Ghosh
Daniel Salem
2013 Lauren Stutzman Finalist
2013 Nikita Butakov Honorable Mention
2012 Colin Lea Recipient
2012 Michael D’Angleo Honorable Mention
2011 Matthew Cannella
Bradley Darrall
Claire Lochner
2011 Erin Jacklin
Daniel Muffoletto
Eleni Petrou
Honorable Mentions
2010 John Amend
Bradley Cheetham
John Coles
Kevin Klubek
Raymond Ptucha
2010 Jesse Lovegren
Jordan Matthews
Daniel Muffoletto
John Vinci
Honorable Mentions
2009 Jessica Ball
Michael DiNezza
2009 John Amend
Bradley Cheetham
John Coles
Thomas Grant
Bradley Hintze
Aaron Krolikowski
Denise Szafran
John Vinci
Honorable Mentions
2008 Christine Balonek
Kelly Miller
Nicholas Polato
Stacey Pustulka
2008 Michelle Kline
Zachary Lochner
Stephanie Manka
Stephen Pfetsch
Honorable Mentions
2007 Michael S. Andrle
Christine Balonek
Mark J. Cianchetti
Chris Wirth
Honorable Mentions
2006 Erich Devendorf
John Dietl
Chris Dolen
Jawaad Sheriff
Robert Spengler
Honorable Mentions
2005 Matthew Watkins Recipient
2004 David Manns
Lesley Weitz
2003 Brooks Bohall
Amy Turner
2002 Regina Campbell-Malone
Carla Ng
Brian Tse
2001 Xin Hu Recipient
2000 Stan Bileschi
Alicia Briggs
1999 Michael Buice
Adam Fass
1998 Bemina Antanacio
Leah Cole
Keith Dalbey
1997 Chris Striemer Recipient
1995 Paul MacKun Recipient
1993 Andrew Beers
Matthew Bernhardt
Christopher Koushy
Sumita Mishia
1992 Anthony Chou
James Feigenbaum
Jonathan Luntz
Robert Malouf
Paul Van Slooten
1991 Geoffrey Burr
Amy Butler
Hanif Khalik
1990 Christopher Hornung
James Krok
Ashok Patel
Daina Pupons
Rudolph Rico
Julie Roberts
1988 James Bobbett
Joan Carletta
Eric Cockayne
Randi Weinstein
1987 Elizabeth Beiring Recipient
1985 John Assad Recipient