How You Can Help

The University at Buffalo has worked diligently to increase the number of students applying for and winning fellowships and scholarships. We need to build upon this momentum to develop and strengthen our services to students. To accomplish this we need faculty help in several different ways. Take a look at how you can help.

Anna Smith and Dr. Liesl Folks

Anna Smith, 2016 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship winner and Dr. Liesl Folks, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

On this page:

Identify Students for Nomination

Identify students for nomination to nationally and internationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. These students are outstanding in intellectual ability, leadership, commitment and potential to “make a difference.” We request that you nominate a student using our nomination form or simply email the information to

Mentor Students and Review Proposals

The fellowship and scholarship application process is intensive. Only with faculty mentorship of qualified candidates can a competitive application be submitted. To do this, faculty members are needed to work with students, one-on-one, to review proposals and offer constructive support and guidance.

Serve on a Selection Committee

Faculty committees assess and give feedback on student applications for fellowships and scholarships that require institutional nominations. The following awards convene faculty committees: Boren Awards, Goldwater Scholarship, Fulbright Student Grant, Marshall Scholarship, Mitchell Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholarship, Truman Scholarship and the Udall Scholarship. Additional faculty members are always needed and welcomed to serve on these university-wide selection committees.

Prepare Students

Prepare students in mock-interviews when they are selected as national finalists. We are particularly interested to identify faculty who have won nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. If you have competed for these awards, your insights will provide valuable information for our UB candidates.

Refer the Best

At the very minimum, as you encounter outstanding students in your classes, labs and research programs, please refer them to Elizabeth to discuss and identify fellowships and scholarships aligned with their strengths and future plans. She will provide guidance and support through the application process.