Facilities Planning and Design

Small Scale Capital Program

A Small Scale Capital Project (SSCP) is one that will not have a major impact on the campus and the total cost of which shall be $1.0 million or less.

In previous years, these projects were defined as Rehab Projects. The office of Facilities Planning & Design (FP&D) in partnership with Capital Planning Group (CPG) is responsible for the planning, design and construction of SSCP. 

Every renovation project is unique. Depending on many factors including the project scope, materials, equipment required and the number of other projects in progress, it may take anywhere from six to eighteen months to plan, design and construct. Submitting project requests as soon as possible will greatly increase the probability of finishing the project by the desired completion date.

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The unique project number should be included on all correspondence. 

Environment, Health and Safety Services should be contacted at (716) 829-2401 when chemicals will be disposed. Additional information is available at www.ehs.buffalo.edu.

Inventory Services should be contacted at (716) 645-5000, Extension 1110 to dispose of unwanted furniture and equipment. Additional information is available at www.ubbusiness.buffalo.edu. In the web site select the Administrator Menu then select the Property Menu.