Facilities Planning and Design

Project Management

The overriding purpose of Project Management is to assist our campus clients throughout the various steps and processes necessary to bring a construction project to a successful completion.

The range of project types includes small remodeling, renovations and modifications of existing buildings as well as complex campus facilities. It starts with the assignment of a project manager who monitors the project from approval to completion.

The range of services the project manager provides, and is directly responsible for, include the procurement of any consultant services, limited project design, project budget estimates, subcontracting specialty equipment installation, project activity coordination and on site inspections services. All aspects of the construction will be coordinated between the University customer and the project manager. It is the responsibility of the project manager to act as sole liaison between subcontractors, Architectural and Engineering Services, union construction trades, University Facilities staff and the University customer.

The project manager will work with the University customer, University Facilities staff and local union construction trades to provide the necessary work force required to complete the project and to ensure that all aspects of the construction project are in accordance with the plans and specifications. The decision regarding which work force to be used will be based on schedule requirements, current workload, and technical expertise required.