Facilities Planning and Design

Physical Space Inventory

A space inventory that tracks use, assignment, area, etc. for analysis and local, state, and national reporting purposes.

The Physical Space Inventory (PSI) and related databases provide detailed listings of all buildings and rooms including size, assignment, and functional use. These inventories provide baseline information on the campus for local, state, and federal space reporting. Information is available on space occupancy summarized by building and organization. General information required for academic accreditation and campus publications is available on request. Floor Plans of all University buildings are available on-line for authorized personnel only.

Annual space survey page with instructions on how to complete the survey and links to access the survey application and relevant supporting information.

Access to the University's secure on-line building floor plans.

Space Definitions

This is a list of the space descriptions and their definitions used locally to describe UB space in greater detail.

This is a simple list of the State Use Names for reference purposes only.

Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM)

This manual outlines standard practices for initiating, conducting, reporting, and maintaining a postsecondary institutional facilities inventory.

Space Square Feet Definitions

The Space Square Feet Definitions document provides definitions of Gross, Net, Net Assignable, Net Non-Assignable, and Assignable square feet terms and illustrates the types of space uses that comprise the categories.

The Leased Space Square Feet Definitions document provides definitions for Usable Area, Rentable Area, Additional Defintions and Conversion Formulas and illustrates the types of space uses that comprise the categories.