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Code Review & Building Permits

One of the services that we provide during the Construction/Contract Management phase of a project is Code Review and issuance of a Building Permit.

Typically, any construction project that alters any of the major building systems, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or structural, requires a building permit. In order to perform code review and issue a building permit, a set of drawings, stamped by a NY State certified design professional, is required. Many times these drawings are prepared in Facilities Planning & Design, though sometimes they are prepared by off-campus consultants.

Facilities Planning & Design is the only office on campus authorized to issue Building Permits and Certificates of Compliance.

Title 19 NYCRR Part 1204 of the Building Code of New York State defines in broad terms when a Building Permit is required for construction work.  Below is an excerpt of the actual text:

Construction Permit excerpt

Unsure if your project requires a Building Permit or would be a billable work order? These are a few examples of each:

Work Requiring a Building Permit

1.    Work requiring or modification of any structural member, such as walls, beams or columns.

2.    Renovations that modify the exiting of any room or suite of rooms.

3.    Renovations that modify doors or windows.  Including the installation of new doors or windows.

4.    Classroom, office or laboratory renovations.

5.    Modifications to heating or air-conditioning systems.

6.    Modifications to plumbing systems.

7.    Modifications to electrical systems.

8.    Any work that requires the removal of hazardous materials, i.e. asbestos or lead paint.

9.    Installation, removal or replacement of fume hoods, hazardous material cabinets, etc.

10.  Installation, removal or replacement of gas fired equipment.

11.  Installation of furniture partitions greater than 60” in height or any powered partitions.

Work done by Billable Work Order

1.    Painting of one of more rooms.

2.    Installation or replacement of carpet provided that the area has been tested for asbestos by Environment Health and Safety.

3.    Direct one for one replacement of equipment without increase of scope of work.

4.    Installation of non-powered furniture including partition walls up to 60 inches in height.  However, furniture layout needs FP&D review for the American with Disabilities Act compliance.

5.     Minor electrical work, such as new outlets that do not require a new circuit. 

6.    Minor plumbing work, such as installation of a sink.

For a more comprehensive list of billable vs non billable services, please visit our ALL SERVICES webpage

If during the planning phase of any project, the work appears to be applicable to a billable work order, the Project Manager in consultation with FP&D Code Officers will determine if work does not require a Building Permit.

After a Building Permit is issued, interim inspections take place to ensure compliance with the Codes, Rules, & Regulations of the State of New York. These inspections, along with a written report, are filed with the Code Compliance Manager. At the conclusion of a project, the Code Compliance Manager must close out the Building Permit and issue a Certificate of Compliance. The Building Permit and the Certificate of Compliance are filed on-line with the Department of State in Albany.

See the FAQ page for common Building Permit questions.