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Environment, Health and Safety

Radiation Safety

The EH&S Radiation Safety Program provides a radiation protection program that is in accordance with the rules, regulations, licenses and permits issued by the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment at the University at Buffalo.

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To work with radioactive material at the University at Buffalo, you must fill out one of two types of applications.
To work with radiation generating equipment (x-ray machines) at the University at Buffalo, you must fill out one of two types of applications.
Each individual who plans on using open source radioactive material at the University of Buffalo must be adequately trained as required by state and federal laws.  EH&S can provide the required initial training and annual re-training.
EH&S provides a variety of classroom, online and instructional video training in radiation safety.
When choosing a portable survey instrument, the type of detector (or probe) must be chosen according to the kind of radioactive material that is being used.
All orders for radioactive material at UB must be placed using the electronic requistion system (eReq).
All radioactive waste must be collected in containers supplied by EH&S.
Personnel dosimeters (whole body badges and ring badges) are issued by EH&S to individuals based on the potential amount of radiation exposure, as indicated on the Principal Investigator's approved written protocol.
This section provides information and properties of some commonly used radioactive isotopes on the UB Campuses.
EH&S can responsd in the event of an emergency involving radioactive material or X-ray devices.