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Wash Bottles

New GHS (Global Harmonization System) standards are now in place for labeling chemical reagents and all secondary lab containers; this incudes lab wash bottles. To assist you with complying with the new standards, EH&S will supply one set of GHS compliant lab wash bottles to each lab group for a limited time until our supply is exhausted. We currently have labeled wash bottles for acetone, isopropanol, ethanol and methanol. You can request them by filling out the form below.

Going forward, all secondary containers and older wash bottles must now be GHS compliant; EH&S is here to assist with you with the transition to the new standards. If you have the need for more than one set of GHS compliant wash bottles, we can provide you with specialized labels for as many wash bottles and containers as you need. 

Wash bottle examples

Wash Bottle Request Form