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Guidance for Principal Investigators for moving labs to the new Jacobs School of Management and Biological Sciences building.

Prior to each PI vacating labs on the South Campus, all hazardous wastes and unwanted chemicals, biological agents, regulated medical waste and radioactive materials must be removed.  They must be identified, labeled and a pick up request form submitted to EH&S prior to or at the same time as the move.  No hazardous materials are to be left behind at the old location. The move may not occur if this is not done.

How do I get started to move my lab?

For Chemicals:
  • Lab groups must provide UB EH&S with chemical inventories of ALL chemicals/hazardous materials to be moved at least 2-3 weeks prior to your scheduled move. 
  • EH&S will then review list and provide packing guidelines according to compatibility.
  • EH&S will meet with each PI/lab group individually to explain how to correctly pack chemicals according to hazard class and compatibility.
  • Each PI/lab group will be responsible for packing chemicals into EH&S supplied totes/boxes based supplied compatibility guidelines.

For Biologicals:

  • Lab groups must provide EH&S with a list of organisms Risk Group 2 and above at least 2-3 weeks prior to your scheduled move
  • PIs can request to meet with EH&S to go over packing procedures prior to the move date.
  • Each PI/lab group will be responsible for packing biological materials. 

For Radioactive Materials:

  • Review the "Radioactive Material (RAM) Lab Close-out Detailed Guidelines" document.
  • EH&S will transport radioactive samples (including standards and check sources), inventory, and small contaminated items.
  • EH&S will move portable survey meters, dosimeters, and Radiation Protection binders - Do not pack these items.

How will I know when my lab is scheduled to be moved?

The SOM will determine PI order of move. Any requests for changes in the order must be made to and approved by SOM move coordinator.

How long will the move take?

Expect EHS to be able to move average of 4-6 PIs per week. Schedule can be mutually agreed upon between SOM and EH&S based on EHS staff availability, vehicle availability, EH&S workload, etc.

When do I have to have my old lab cleaned out?

PIs and lab groups need to be aware that your vacated lab may be backfilled by a new lab group shortly after the move and new occupants should not be saddled with cleaning up a potential mess left behind. To that end, following are procedures for final cleanouts of vacated labs:

  • All unwanted lab reagent chemicals, hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, radiation waste, biohazardous wastes, etc. must be purged and removed PRIOR your planned move date. This has been discussed at length and instructions have been provided to all lab groups.  Chemical lab reagents are either to be purged and disposed through UB EH&S or moved downtown.
  • If lab equipment is going to be left behind, it must be cleaned and decontaminated per UB EH&S guidelines located on this web page. This may be done after the initial move.
  • General lab cleanout of drawers, cabinets, shelves, etc. may be completed shortly after the move. Although the preferred option is to have these cleaned out prior to the move date, we understand scheduling and time constraints may not make this possible. Thus, arrangements can be made by PIs and lab groups to return to vacated labs to complete the cleanout and dispose of all remaining materials that were left behind.

EH&S recommends lab groups not wait until after the move to begin the final cleanout.

How do I pack my chemicals?

EH&S will supply each lab totes/boxes for transport of reagent chemicals. Packing of totes will be based on compatibility. EH&S will provide guidance on which chemicals can be packed together.

Note that the number of totes is limited. PIs will be asked to unpack totes in a reasonable time frame so they can be reused for the next lab group.  Other containers such as cardboard boxes, etc. may be used if previously approved by EH&S.

Can I move my chemicals/biological samples in my car?

NO! Under no circumstances are any chemicals, microorganisms, biological material, radioactive material, controlled substances or like materials to be moved from the South campus in private vehicles. Specific State and Federal regulations do not allow this; these materials must be packaged and shipped properly by qualified staff. In some cases, USDOT shipping papers are required; additionally chemicals will need to be properly packed and segregated according to compatibility. Note that NO LIQUID cultures will be moved, only frozen stock vials will be transferred. UB EHS has the expertise for this task and will oversee the move nof this material.

How will my chemicals be delivered to my new lab?

EH&S will assign personnel to drive the vehicles between campus locations, unload the totes, and then deliver them to the new location at JSOM.

What do I do with lab equipment to be left behind?

If lab equipment is going to be left behind, it must be cleaned and decontaminated per UB EH&S guidelines located on our web page. This may be done over the course of 2 weeks after the initial move.

How are my Nitrogen dewars to be moved?

EH&S will move nitrogen dewars as requested.

How will my freezers be moved?

-4 Freezers and refrigerators to be transported by professional movers.

However, if they contain hazardous materials/samples, these are to be removed and transported by UB EH&S. EH&S will move the contents of -80 freezers if necessary, as follows:

  • EH&S will provide 48 quart coolers to labs which are to be used to pack the contents
  • Dry ice will be obtained and used to keep the materials frozen. Exact location of dry ice and how to obtain is still be worked out by Med School
  • Once packed, lab will notify EH&S and we will transport the coolers downtown.
  • A member of the lab group must meet EH&S at the new downtown location so we hand off the cooler
  • Coolers will be collected shortly thereafter so we may use them for the next user. 

How to I pack my biological samples?

Frozen microorganisms & biological samples are to be packaged as follows:

  • EH&S will provide labelled 48 quart coolers, absorbent pads, & plastic bags to labs
  • Freezer boxes are to be placed inside larger plastic bags with an absorbent pad
  • Seal the bags by tape or tie
  • Dry ice will be obtained by each laboratory (Biochem. stockroom will provide Dry Ice)
  • Once packed, the lab will notify EH&S 
  • EHS will transport the coolers downtown
  • A member of the lab group must meet EHS at the new downtown location to accept and empty the cooler
  • Coolers will be collected shortly thereafter for reuse by other labs

EHS has developed visual guidance for packaging stock vials of organisms to be transferred (see transporting specimens poster)

How do I package my radioactive samples?

Review the "Radioactive Material (RAM) Lab Close-out Detailed Guidelines" document.

What do I do with my flammable cabinets?

Existing flammable cabinets are not to be moved downtown. The new building has been designed according to NYS fire code specifications with built-in flammable cabinets located in lab spaces. These built-ins will hold maximum flammable volumes permitted by the code.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For Chemicals

  • Primary Contact: Tony Oswald, Hazardous Materials Manager; 829-5681
  • Alternate Contact: Josh Snyder; 829-5829 

For Microorganism/Biological Material 

For Radioactive Material

General Laboratory Safety

JSMBL Move Packet Cover

This packet contains documents describing how the move to the new medical school labs will take place.

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