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Environment, Health and Safety

Construction Safety

The University at Buffalo recognizes that many hazards are inherent in construction and other contract work. Compliance with safety regulations can prevent serious injuries.

Contractor Safety Guidebook

This Guidebook serves as notification of campus safety requirements to contractors, including subcontractors, who perform work at UB and any other facilities operated by the University. Contractors should not assume that this guide covers all applicable safety and health laws as it does not. Instead, it provides contractors with site-specific safety, health and environmental rules and policies which the University expects will be followed on all University property. The rules, regulations and guidance contained herein represent program areas that have been problematic in the past or require special care and consideration due to the nature of the working environment at the University.

Temporary Enclosures

All temporary enclosures built on University at Buffalo campuses by Facilities personnel or contractors shall be constructed in accordance with Chapter 24 of the Fire Code of New York State. It is the responsibility of the person constructing and maintaining the temporary enclosure to obtain a Temporary Construction Enclosure Permit and follow the regulations set forth in the EH&S Temporary Construction Enclosures policy.

Dig Safely at UB

The University at Buffalo (UB) is a member of Dig Safety New York and fully endorses their program for all excavation work on UB property regardless of location. An Utility Locating Policy is available to provide guidance to ensure compliance with New York State Code Rule 753 (16 NYCCR 753). This procedure applies to all personnel who perform excavation on any UB property including UB personnel responsible for utility marking coordination and actual field marking activities. Although most utilities on the North and South campuses will be marked by UB Facilities personnel, DO NOT subvert this process by contacting marking personnel directly except in the case of emergencies.

Drones at UB

A policy for operating Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) is in place for airspace above UB property. This includes all three major campuses and off campus properties including Anderson Gallery, the President’s House, and others as listed at the FP&D Web site. Compliance with this policy will insure that current FAA regulations and best management practices will be followed to ensure the safety and privacy of UB students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Work Zone Safety

The University is proceeding with a large expansion of facilities on all campuses. These activities create numerous highway work zones and the need to ensure:

  • Safety for all workers on foot around traffic vehicles.
  • Safe operation of construction vehicles in these work zones.
  • Safety for students, faculty, staff and visitors who share space adjacent to the work zones.

To ensure safety, the University has adopted the guidance of the Cornell Local Roads Program as published in their guide, Work Zone Safety: Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance, and Utility Operations, May 2008. This manual may be obtained at

If you need a hard copy of this manual please call the EH&S at 829-3301.