Rights and Protections for Our Transgender Community

Governor Andrew Cuomo marching in a LGBTQ parade with a banner saying New York Led The Way.

New York State Human Rights Law and UB policy provide protections for UB's transgender students, employees and community members.  

On this page:

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

Under Title IX and UB's Discrimination and Harassment Policy, UB is required to take action to respond effectively to any reports of harassment against members of our transgender community.  You have a right to learn and to work in an environment that is free from harassment based on your gender identity and gender expression.  

Use of Facilities

You have the right to use restroom and changing room facilities that correspond to your gender identity.  No one is permitted to deny you access to a restroom or changing facility based on your gender identity, or to harass you for using the facility.  No one can require you to use a single-occupant/gender-inclusive restroom instead of the restroom of your choice.

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) will work with departments to provide accommodations when a multi-use facility such as a locker room is not a welcoming option.  

Chosen Name and Pronouns

We understand that having others use your chosen name and pronouns is essential to feeling welcome and included.  Students who wish to use a first or middle name that is different from their legal name can enter a preferred name into HUB, and this name will appear in the following systems:

  • HUB Administrative Access (Student Services Center)
  • HUB Faculty Center — Class Rosters
  • HUB Faculty Center — Grade Rosters
  • HUB Student Center
  • SmartEval (Course Evaluation)
  • SSC Campus (Early Alert System)
  • UB Learns

Students' chosen names will also appear on UB ID cards issued after June 1, 2018 when a preferred name has been entered into the HUB system. If you are obtaining a new UB ID card to reflect your chosen name, please allow 24 hours after entering your name into HUB to obtain your new card.  EDI will cover the cost of a replacement card when this is necessary to reflect a student's gender identity.

To enter a preferred/chosen name, please visit the Office of the Registrar preferred/chosen name webpage

UB is required to use legal names on official documents, including bills,financial aid documents, parking tickets,1098-T Tax Forms, diplomas, transcripts, immigration documents, and medical records.    

Faculty and Staff can use the preferred/chosen name online form to request a preferred/chosen first name.


UB's Division of Athletics has issued an Inclusion Policy of Transgender Student Athletes that mirrors NCAA policy.  This policy clarifies the participation of student-athletes who are undergoing hormonal treatment for gender transition, and the process student-athletes should follow.  The policy also sets expectations of the UB Athletics community in fostering inclusion for transgender athletes.  

For Assistance and Support

Contact EDI if you have questions, would like to report discrimination or need assistance with an accommodation.  

UB's Working Group for Transgender Inclusion invited faculty and staff to serve as a support and resource to transgender students in their respective departments, schools, and areas.  You may obtain assistance and support from any individuals listed on this Excel spreadsheet.  If you are a faculty or staff member who is not listed and you would like to be included as a resource, please contact EDI and we will add your name and contact information.