Incumbent Worker Series (IWS)

The Incumbent Worker Series (IWS) program is designed to provide skills for those who are currently employed, underemployed, or laid off that will allow them to advance and/or re-enter the job market. 

The program includes test taking strategies, exam preparation, certification review classes, and/or basic computer training, in preparation for industry certifications and/or licenses. The IWS series includes things such as critical reading, writing, and math skills related to a specific vocation, certification, and qualifying examinations and/or civil service exams.

2019 Classes Start Soon

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Course Schedule

Days & Times

Schedule varies based upon classes offered. 

Contact Admissions office (716-645-1900) for more information.  

Program Length


Start / End Dates

Earn Your Certificate

Upon successful completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion from the State University of New York.

Program Outline and Courses

Name Description Hours

Computer Fundamentals/Digital Literacy

TBD   00

Dress & Appearance

As a Customer Service student, you will be expected to adhere to accepted standards of appearance in class. Students are expected to dress appropriately for a school environment. 

Student Expenses

This program is tuition free. Students are expected to have notebooks and appropriate writing tools for class instruction.  


Daily attendance is mandatory. 100% is expected. You are expected to maintain attendance as if you were in an employment situation.

Admissions Eligibilty

UBEOC offers a variety of classes in the Incumbent Worker Series Program. The classes are generally open to the community so academic and income guidelines do not apply. Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 716-645-1900 for more information.