College Preparation

Summer Institute

UBEOC provides an array of college preparation components and services designed to support its students and adult learners from a community that has the objective of attending college. The goal of our college preparation programming and services is to create lifelong learners who can compete successfully in higher education, allied health program training and society. We seek to accomplish this goal through College Prep Allied Health Track, College Prep Summer Institute, and College Connections – Community Service.

College Prep-Allied Health Track is designed to offer general classes needed in the medical field to gain and strengthen acceptance into Allied Health programs at UBEOC or begin a career track in Allied Health.  The classes include Intro to HealthCare, Intro to Communications, Customer Service, Professional Development, Electronic Health Records, and Computer Keyboard Speed.

The College Prep Summer Institute is a fast paced college preparatory program offering mathematics, college writing, and research skills, equipping you for success at the college level. Students complete classes in: College Reading, College Math, English Research, and Writing. Students who participate in this six-week classroom-based program receive one-on-one and group instruction. Students also have the opportunity to participate in available college tours.

College Connections – Community Service is a service offered by UBEOC staff providing students with academic advisement, career planning, transcript evaluation advisement, free assistance filling out college admissions forms, and financial aid applications.      

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Course Schedule

Days & Times

College Prep - Summer Institute
Monday to Thursday
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Program Length

6 Weeks 
(18 hours/week)

Total hours = 108

Start / End Dates


Start: July 2020
End: August 2020

Earn Your Certificate

Upon successful completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion from the State University of New York.

Program Outline and Courses

Name Description Hours

College Math 

A review of basic mathematical concepts including fractions, decimals and percents will be covered in this course.  However, the major focus  will center around algebraic Skills.  Topics will include algebraic expressions, linear equations, inequalities, polynomials, and algebraic word problems. Homework and class participation are very important parts of this class. 16

College Reading 

This course is designed to familiarize students with the kinds of reading and discussions they would be expected to do in college. Such reading is more than functional in that it demands both critical thinking and active curiosity to build a stronger reading foundation; building a foundation for academic success. Students will learn and practice strategies for developing a “college-level” vocabulary including context clues, structural analysis, and exposure to wide reading. Students will learn how to differentiate among various rates of reading as they relate to college material, recognize levels of difficulty of reading comprehension questions and practice each level of difficulty using a variety of reading materials, explore styles and types of reading material including both nonfiction and fictional. Students will also demonstrate the ability to effectively read textbooks by employing methods such as SQR3, KWL, and others involving previewing, reading, questioning, and reviewing. As for writing, students will learn to develop, write, and revise word essays with minimal errors (not impairing effectiveness of expression) in mechanics, usage, and sentence structure. 16

College English, Research & Writing 

As students prepare to transition into college, it is imperative that they learn the language of academics.   An ability to navigate the internet resources, ethically utilize the work of others, and produce a well-written document is crucial to college success.  This class will focus on these skills along with minor refreshers on more basic writing concepts such as punctuation, spelling, grammar, and the mechanics of writing.    16

College Knowledge

The College Knowledge course is designed to provide students strategies for personal growth and successful learning in preparation for college.  Topics in the course include: learning styles, learning and study strategies, time management, goal-setting, note-taking, test-taking strategies, overcoming test anxiety, college and understanding/completing financial aid application process and other issues that focus on enabling students to become better achievers in a postsecondary environment. Students also complete an Introduction to College Workshop, a one-hour lesson designed to introduce students to higher education and its benefits. 6

Dress & Appearance

As a College Prep student, you will be expected to adhere to accepted standards of appearance in class. Students are expected to dress appropriately for a school environment. 

Student Expenses

This program is tuition free. Students are expected to have notebooks and appropriate writing tools for class instruction.  


Daily attendance is mandatory. 100% is expected. You are expected to maintain attendance as if you were in an employment situation.

Admissions Eligibilty

You must:

  • Be a New York State resident.
  • Be an adult who is at least 17 years of age or older. If you are 17, you are required to show proof such as a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Have a limited household income and meet income guidelines .
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or refugee. You must provide a green card or I-94 document if you are not a U.S. citizen.
  • Take the Accuplacer test.

Admissions Process

  1. Complete an application online at our website:
  2. Bring in the required documents listed on the "How to Enroll in UBEOC" sheet.
  3. Register and attend orientation.