How to enroll in UBEOC

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Eligibility Requirements to Buffalo EOC:

  • Students must be New York State residents.
  • Students must be at least 17 years of age or older to enroll in classes.
  • Students may NOT hold any academic degrees- Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc. or more than 33 College credits.
  • Follow COVID-19 Protocols

Note: you MUST meet all three requirements in order to start your application process

Step 1 Application:

Apply here online or watch video for step by step instructions

at the BEOC Admissions Office

Step 2 Documents:

Please do not email documents, bring these docuemnts with you to your in-person meeting with the BEOC Admissions Advisors. For any question please contact one of the Admissions Advisors below by email:

Please upload your documents here

Jacquelyn Milbrand

Beverly Taggart

Jamie Eisele

NYS Residency documents examples

(only need to submit one of the documents listed below)

Valid NYS driver or non-driver ID
NYS Driver License
NYS Tax Return
NYS IT-201 Income Tax
Current School ID or Bus Pass
NYS Voter Registration Card
NYS Benefit Card
NYS Benefit Card
Proof of Income Eligibility

(only need to submit one of the documents listed below)

  • Copy of recent 1040 tax form
USA 1040 Tax Return form
  • Case makeup sheet for public assistance
  • Award Letter for social security
  • A signed Affidavit
Proof of Academic Eligibility

(only need to submit one of the documents listed below)

  • Copy of high school diploma/transcript
  • Copy of GED or TASC equivalency diploma
Proof of Eligibility Document

(only need to submit one of the documents listed below that apply to you)

  • Students must be US Citizens (Social Security card)
Social Security card
  •  I-94 document must be provided if you are not a US citizen.
I-94 Application
I-94 Application stamp
  • Permanent residents, or Green card
Green card
  •  Proof of refugee status.
Income Eligibility Chart

Household size vs Max annual Income (updated to July 2023):

1 $23,828
2 $32,227
3 $40,626
4 $49,025
5 $57,424
6 $65,823
7 $74,222
8 $82,621 

* For each additional family member add $8,399 to the annual income level.