BANNER for Students

Self-Service Banner


All you need is a User Name and a Password. Make sure you have one. If not contact your Counselor.


Heidy Honrado  - (716) 645-1945
Kristie Kaminski  - (716) 645-1946
Melissa Davis     - (716) 645-1947
Keisha Alston      - (716) 645-1948

Click on BANNER.
Once you get to the screen on Self-Service BANNER, enter your User Name and Password : 100588 (Birth Date Oct. 05, 1988) and login.
Do not use this password. This is an example.

Select Student tab
Select Banner Self Service

Select Personal Information - Here you can view/change: Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc.
Select Student

Select Registration - Here you can select: Week at a glance, concise student schedule, etc. (If you need a printed copy of your schedule see your counselor).
Select Student

Select Student Records : Here you can select: Final Grades, View Test Scores, etc.

Feel free to navigate through Self-Service Banner and become familiar with the variety of options available.

Always remember to Logout when you are done (upper right-hand corner).

Grades for all programs will be available after May 15th, 2020