Gavin Jeter

UBEOC Class of 2009

Mr. Gavin Jeter grew up on the east side of Buffalo, N.Y.  A year after high school, he joined the U.S. Army where he served for eight years as an Army Supply Specialist. While stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Mannheim, Germany, SGT. Jeter was accountable for the procurement, maintenance, and reporting of all battalion supplies, vehicles, and weaponry. Upon receiving an honorable discharge, Gavin lived in Germany for another seven years and worked as a civilian in the Army Supply Depot in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Picture of Mr. Gavin Jeter.

“I re-careered through UBEOC.”

Returning to the states, Gavin worked in industrial production positions at HMX Tailored Inc., Rosina Foods, and Buffalo Hospital Supply. In 2008, he was involved in a traumatic car accident on his way to work. He was in a coma for six days, underwent multiple surgeries and, after 45 days in the hospital, was told he may never walk again. “I was not about to let that happen,” he says, “even though I was in a wheelchair for four more months.” At age 43, Gavin underwent intensive therapy and “learned” to physically walk again.

Gavin’s new found steps found him walking through the doors of UBEOC where he enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program. “I knew my career in the industrial field was over due to my injuries. UBEOC faculty and staff knew I had it in me to re-career but they were the ones to help me realize that too.” Upon graduation, Gavin was hired by Walgreens Pharmacy where he worked as a Pharmacy Technician for numerous years.

Gavin recently re-enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program. He says, “Not only is UBEOC here for me to help me advance in my allied health career, I get to practice my German and speak with a fluent staff member. Danke EOC!”

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