Alumni Award Recipients

UBEOC respects and honors the accomplishments of alumni!

The Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is an annual award presented to an alumna/alumnus who represents the UBEOC mission of lifelong learning and self-empowerment.

Past Awardees

Award Year

Last Name

First Name


UBEOC Program

Status at Time of Award

2019 Paulk Donald 1974 College Preparation Program  
2018 Simmons James 1982, 2013 High School Equivalancy, College Preparation 2018 Buffalo State: Bachelor in Sociology
2017 Leonard Charmaine 1992, 2009 High School Equivalency, Registered Medical Assistant Administrator Chief of Cardiology Veteran's Hospital
2016 Quinones Vilma 1994, 2006 College Preparation, Registered Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Academic Buffalonias
2015 Teklzghi Tedros 1994, 1995 English as a Second Language, College Preparation UB Law School System Administrator
2014 Camizzi Susan 1975 Dental Assisting UBEOC Dental Assisting Instructor
2013 Jackson-Radney Delores 1975 College Preparation Rochester, NY Area Artist/Educator
2012 Whitfield Garnell 1982 Graphic Arts Buffalo,NY Fire Commissioner
2011 McFayden Emma 1971 College Preparation Buffalo State College EOP Assistant Director
2010 Smith Russell 1970 High School Equivalency, College Preparation NYS Dept of Labor Affirmative Action Administrator
2009 Davis Charles 2008, 2012 Building Trades, Environmental Restoration City of Buffalo Division of Water
2008 Bagia Terry Mission 2000 College Preparation Law School Graduate

Past Awardees

The Arthur O. Eve Education and Community Service Award

The Arthur O. Eve Education and Community Service Award honors the legacy of Mr. Eve, former New York State Assembly Deputy Speaker and champion of the EOC’s and EOP’s statewide. This award recognizes Alumni or a current UBEOC student who demonstrates leadership, advocacy, community service and/or commitment to education.

Past Awardees

Award Year Last Name First Name Year UBEOC Program Status at Time of Award
2019 Oliver Paula 2004    
2018 Shebule Hamadi 2017 High School Equivalency ECC Student, Buffalo Public School Teacher's Aide
2017 Elliott-Patton Patricia 2005 College Preparation CAO Ass't Director Alphonso Greene Jr. Masten Center
2016 Penna Carrie 2000 Dental Assisting Dental Assistant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Assoc.
2015 Lowrey Crowell Zola 1975 High School Equivalency, College Preparation Federal Government Retiree
2014 Spentz LaVita 1988 Data Entry Administrator Thomas T. Edwards Funeral Home

Past Awardees