Alumni Affairs

EOC Alumni Reception 2016.

“UBEOC knew you THEN. We’d like to know you NOW”

University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center alumni represent UBEOC’s mission of lifelong learning and self-empowerment. UBEOC alumni positively impact Western New York and areas beyond through their educational, career, and community achievements.

The Alumni Affairs Office supports UBEOC graduates in their continued pursuits. It offers alumni lifetime services and opportunities to contribute to the future success of others who follow.

Mission of the Office

  • Showcase the success of alumni who have made significant contributions to their profession and community through their educational and career pursuits.
  • Set-up access to all UBEOC Units to provide alumni continued academic and support services.
  • Strengthen employer linkages/community partnerships to benefit both alumni and current UBEOC students. Generate and promote alumni success stories highlighting working alumni and their places of work or service.
  • Support alumni in their lifelong learning and career pathway goals. Serve as a connector to networking opportunities, professional development activities and employment search.
  • Serve the professional needs of alumni, UBEOC, and the WNY community via the Alumni Society, the association for alumni. 

Lifetime Services for Alumni

Academic Transcript and Test Scores Release

Contact the UBEOC Admissions Office at (716) 645-1900 or the Records Clerk at (716) 645-1872 to request release of your information to outside parties. State that you are an alumna/alumnus. If your name was different when you attended UBEOC, you will need to identify that name along with either your UBEOC Student ID number or Social Security number. You will also need to identify the program(s) you were enrolled in and year/s attended. There is a form that requires your signature. Contact the Alumni Affairs Office at (716) 645-1908 for additional assistance if needed.

Career Services

Contact the Career Services Office at (716) 645-1944 for employment assistance. State that you are an alumna/alumnus. This office will help you create/update your cover letter, resume and reference page and assist you with your career portfolio, job search, and online applications. You can also register to receive job postings directly to your email. Contact the alumni affairs Office at (716) 645-1908 for additional assistance if needed.

College Connections

Contact the College Connections Office at (716) 645-1910 for assistance with college/ post-secondary enrollment and state that you are an alumna/alumnus. Staff in this office will help you in your decision making and guide you through the application and financial aid process.

Professional Networking/Development Opportunities

Stay informed of opportunities that can help you meet other alumni, UBEOC students and staff, area employers, and other professionals. Alumni have attended conferences and community events and have volunteered for UBEOC events, meeting members of the public.  Register to be on the Alumni List-Serv or by calling (716) 645-1908. UBEOC news and updates will be directly sent to your email.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Join the Alumni Society

Participate in professional and social activities with fellow alumni who represent UBEOC’s 40+ year history. Build your network!

Recruit New Students

Help out with UBEOC Open Houses, telephone campaigns, and other recruiting events to inform the public about UBEOC programs and services. Your insight as alumni can really help prospective students!

Be an Alumni Speaker

Share your UBEOC experience and success with others by speaking at UBEOC engagements (like the Community Partner’s Day) and with students in the classroom. You have firsthand knowledge!

Volunteer at UBEOC Events

Support the many events held at UBEOC (like the Strengthening Families event, Go Red Day, International Day, Women’s Conference and Men's Conference)!

Inform UBEOC of a Job/Internship Opportunity

Contact Alumni Affairs and post job/intern opportunities open at your company or that you know about. Assist fellow alumni and UBEOC students in their employment search!

Share Your Story

Tell your story of life before and after UBEOC. Your testimony and success story is UBEOC’s legacy! 

Tell us About Yourself

Update your contact information with the Alumni Affairs Office (Ms. Margot Keysor: 716-645-1908).

Share your latest news so UBEOC can post a Class Note about you in UBEOC publications. “UBEOC knew you THEN. We’d like to know you NOW”.

Contact Us

Mrs. Margot Barrett Keysor Administrator, Alumni Affairs Office.

Margot Barrett Keysor

Administrator, Alumni Affairs Office

Educational Opportunity Center

555 Ellicott Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 645-1908


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