Advisory Council Board Members

The BEOC Advisory Council is an integral part of the structure of the EOC. It’s purpose is to promote ways for the community to better utilize the BEOC’s programs and facilities at 555 Ellicott Street and any satellite location(s); to provide communication to the campus and surrounding community and stakeholders on matters relating to the BEOC, its programs, activities, opportunities and curriculum; to increase community awareness by involving all segments of the BEOC in the planning and implementation of the programs and opportunities available at the BEOC; to advise the executive director on the operation of any and all PERKINS programs offered at the BEOC; and to assist in locating alternate funding sources to enhance the programs and opportunities for all students.

Mrs. Mary Craig.
Mary Craig, Chairperson, BEOC Advisory Council

She is an actress, historian, and an advocate for health in the African American community. She works tirelessly to remain active in her community. She is Mary Craig, one of the many "Uncrowned Queens" of Western New York. After receiving her BS in Political Science and BA in Communication Arts and Sciences from Dominican University in Illinois, Ms. Craig went on to teach theater and playwriting classes at Buffalo State College. She then became an officer of Marketing and Sales at Goldome Bank For Savings.

Ms. Carolyn Bright

One Stop Manager - NYSDOL

Walter B. Holland, D.D.S.

Regional Public Health Dentist

Dale Martin.

Mr. Dale Martin


Mr. Thomas Murphy

UBEOC Consultant - Manufacturing Program

Ms. Bridget Russo.

Ms. Bridget Russo

Neighborhood Health Center