Website Content Requirement

Requirements for posting information on the Buffalo EOC Website

Different types of content require different speifications such size, format, etc. At the Buffalo EOC website we want to comply with standards set by the University at Buffalo for its Content Management System. Please, take a moment to learn and prepare what is expected before requesting to post new or modify current content at the Buffalo EOC website.


Table 1. From UB Selecting Strong Visuals webpage
Component Displayed Size
Aspect Ratio Notes
Photo 800px x 536px for landscape

536px x 800px for portraits
3:2 Larger images are encouraged up to a maximum of 2500px.
(e.g. Lists)
90px x 90px square  
Flex Modules
209px x 131px   Suggest doubling to 418x262.
Slide Deck Horizontal 960px x 400px

720px x 400px when used with Key Tasks




  • A Flyer won't be accepted as content for the website.
  • Make use the Calendar feature to post an event. Speak with your Unit Calendar editor.
  • The Recomended size for a picture to be use in the Calendar is: 300px x 180px

How do I request for new or modify content?

  1. Prepare the picture or video according to speificatios above
  2. Send an email with request to your Supervisor
  3. Your Supervisor may need to reques an approval from the Unit's Director 
  4. After your request is approve forward the email to IT (