Gritapp: A Sports Startup

Zay Ya Min Yin and Cameron Hotto

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Undergraduate Student Project


One of the most prevalent problems in the athletic coaching industry is the lack of connection between professional sports trainers and their clients. I used to play basketball in high school but I quit because I didn't have access to quality coaches or any sort of motivational support system. There is an increasing demand for professional sports educators but unfortunately, the supply doesn't match up.

Our solution is simple and straightforward. It is to create the connection between athletic coaches and their clients by building a community marketplace powered by technology where coaches offer their professional services while athletes can get access to quality sports training from these coaches.

Sports enthusiasts can browse from our portfolio of qualified coaches, book for any number of individual sessions or even invite people in the same area online to meet up outside and do sports together or book a coach in group.

Our coaches, on the other hand, can build a professional coaching portfolio, showcase their skills and experiences and train the clients who booked them. They can get points and earn badges every time they finish coaching a client, which will help them take their career to another level.

This project is a combination of extended research over 11 weeks, data analysis and also some hands-on code writing to test the usability of the application. The project is currently being backed by Blackstone Launchpad at UB and we have future plans to scale this project to a fully functional mobile and web application and release it into the market.


This project is the brainchild of Cameron and Zay, both School of Management sophomores studying financial analysis and information technology majors respectively. The project is a web and mobile application for the athletic industry designed primarily for athletic coaches and their clients to help both of them make more out of athletic coaching business. The project is created using state-of-the-art programming and UI/UX technologies. The project took 11 weeks to implement starting from ideation and research to coding and designing. The project also won the second prize in UB Blackstone Launchpad Pitching Competition. Our project goal is to demonstrate how business students can combine their entrepreneurial acumen and technology expertise to create the most ground-breaking inventions. The project also aims to illustrate how SOM students from different concentrations can collaborate together to create the industry-quality business values.

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