Batik in Musoma

Elizabeth Roth

Group of students in batik training.

Group of students in batik training.

Undergraduate Student Project


My name is Elizabeth Roth and I am a senior accounting major in UB's School of Management.  Through study abroad programs to Berlin, Singapore, and Ghana, I have developed an interest in culture and community development.  Through the Experiential Learning Network, I have been able to put my interest into practice and study a community in development in Tanzania.  Stephen, the project leader in Musoma, Tanzania, has brought many initiatives to life in his community.  His batik initiative, where women from different areas of the country come to learn how to make and sell batik, a style of fabric, has helped many women become financial assets in their households and communities.   By way of documentation, we can more easily track his project and help it expand.  Through continued conversation with both Stephen and his students, we are working to be a value add to the Musoma community. 


In the Mara region of Tanzania, there is a town called Musoma where a community leader named Stephen is taking initiative to grow, improve and inspire his community.  My project was to gather information about his Batik project, that focuses on female empowerment and financial stability, and document the experiences of some of the participants.  Learning about each woman's journey and the progression of the initiative will help improve projects of similar nature in the future both in Musoma and in other communities.  This poster is only the start of documenting and understanding how the Batik project has helped Stephen's community. 

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