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While in Nicaragua on a medical brigade, Conor Jackson encountered a man driving an ice cream cart. He asked him if I could drive it and to his surprise, the man said yes.

While in Nicaragua on a medical brigade, Conor Jackson encountered a man driving an ice cream cart. He asked him if I could drive it and to his surprise, the man said yes.

Undergraduate Student Project


My name is Conor Jackson, and I am a second semester senior here at UB with an intended Biomedical Sciences B.S., Psychology B.A., and a Neuroscience minor. Concerning my career goals, it has been my objective for as long as I can remember (that being second grade!) to be some sort of a doctor, although I was never quite sure exactly which kind of a doctor I wanted to be. It wasn't until the first couple of semesters here at UB that I realized I absolutely loved everything that had to do with the Nervous System-particularly, the brain and how neurons and circuits worked. It was due to this newfound interest that I adopted the Neuroscience minor and Psychology B.A., as I wanted to pursue this interest as far as I could at UB. This led me to adopting my ultimate goal of becoming a Neurosurgeon! My current plans involve taking a gap year to further delve into physician shadowing and clinical experience in the hopes of getting accepted into medical school for Fall 2021 admission. Academically, these interests have led me to pursue research in the field of Neuroscience, as I served as an RA for a year at Buffalo General Hospital conducting research on patients with Multiple Sclerosis. This work was nothing but extremely rewarding for me, and further solidified why I want to pursue the career goals that I chose. I also have participated on several medical service trips to Nicaragua, Panama, and this upcoming semester to Ghana. These experiences have been rewarding beyond belief- seeing the expressions of gratitude and thankfulness on the faces of individuals who might never before have received medical care does wonders to assure you that you are indeed making a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

My personal interests beyond school are quite varied- I would be remiss if i didn't begin this section on music. By far my biggest personal interest is listening to music and going to concerts. By my count, I have attended at least 250 concerts in the last 10 years alone, with many more (hopefully) to come! My personal record and CD collection are huge points of pride with me, and I hope to continue to expand them to an ever increasing limit! For part-time work, I work at a local liquor store. Upon reading this, I know what you may be thinking- how does this line of work line up with something that a future doctor might be interested in? To this, I answer simply- the interactions with the people that I encounter! Every day at work is a different experience- you never know what kind of people you might run into! This job has introduced me to everyone, from professional news photographers to local political figures and well-known physicians. I would also be lying to myself if I didn't add the most important thing- it's so much fun!! I'm also a HUGE Buffalo sports fan, being a proud Bills season ticket holder for the last five years, with hopes (like so many other Buffalonians) of eventually cheering them all the way to a Super Bowl victory!

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