Scholars of Tomorrow

Hemanta Adhikari and Pemba Sherpa

A focused young student picture, captured by Pemba Sherpa.

A focused young student, captured by Pemba Sherpa.

Undergraduate Student Project


Hello, my name is Hemanta Adhikari. I am a senior majoring in Biological Sciences. Last winter, my colleague Pemba Sherpa and I had the opportunity to participate in a service-learning project in Nepal through the support of Experiential learning Networks. I was able to take part in an incredible project called " Scholars of Tomorrow," with another UB student, Pemba Sherpa. A fantastic and experiential project not only helped me to go back to my hometown and serve in an isolated village, but it also makes me realize the satisfaction I get after serving such communities. In the future, I hope to continue to aspire to touch and help poor and isolated communities around the world.

Hello, my name is Pemba Sherpa. I am a senior majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology. Last winter, I had the opportunity to travel to my home country and participate in a service-learning project with my colleague Hemanta Adhikari. With the support and mentorship provided by Dr. Huber, we were able to carry out our project successfully. This experiential learning project allowed me to connect with the community in which I was born and raised until I immigrated to the United States. Also, through this project, I was able to learn and apply my knowledge to touch lives and form meaningful relationships with individuals across the world.

According to the Stanford Social Innovation review, students in impoverished regions will benefit much more from the development of life skills rather than academic qualifications. Life skills are crucial for students living in impoverished areas because it will empower them in gaining a body of knowledge that will help them thrive when they finish school. Coming from a third world country ourselves, through our project, we hoped to inspire educators to encourage and support students in putting learned knowledge within the classroom into practice in the real world.


Scholars of Tomorrow was a service learning project that was carried out from December 17th, 2019 - January 25th, 2020. The purpose of our Scholars of Tomorrow project was to raise funds to provide essential tools to better assist at least 130 young students in a rural village of Nepal. Along with providing the resources, our project worked to encourage educators to aid students in putting learned knowledge within the classroom into practice in the real world. We carried out two hands-on activities entitled Instilling Pride and Connecting Classrooms to the Real World  which would encourage critical thinking, creativity and also motivate students to apply their knowledge to make a positive impact in their community.

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