Pemba and Hemanta: Inspiring Others from Nepal to Buffalo

Pemba and Hemanta smile together in front of the ELN sign.

When Pemba Sherpa and Hemanta Adihikari began UB as freshman, they were already independent and ambitious students. But when they met, through the Educational Opportunity Program at UB, their surprise and joy at finding another person from their home country of Nepal jump started a communal journey that has culminated in an amazing project in their senior year.  

They decided to return home to Nepal for the first time in over ten years, in order to serve and spend time with a small community and the local schoolchildren there. It is in fact, the very community where Pemba grew up. 

Part of their journey includes a long mountain trek, carrying supplies to the school, but both the students are super excited about what they will find there. Humble and pragmatic, they realize one trip won't change the world, but they will be able to spend time with schoolchildren, and hopeful inspire and represent what is possible in education and in life. 

It is a challenging project dreamed up, designed, and executed totally by these two UB students, using resources available to them through ELN and through the support of professors and mentors. They encourage other students too, from Nepal to Buffalo, to dream big and pursue their own projects as well. 

“I think it’s never too early to start," Pemba says. "Even as a freshman, it’s a great idea to go for whatever you want to do. Even if some people say: your idea is too big, there will be so many other people to support you. You’re going to keep building; once you do something, you’re going to want to do more.” Here's to more from these two UB students!