Uganda: Right Now and Better Project

The Project organizes periodic Radio talk shows to raise awareness on the benefits of online music distribution and music streaming as a coping mechanism in the COVID Lock down time.

Building resilience during the COVID lockdown time

Project description

The project seeks to partner with local ICT hub innovators in Gulu, Uganda, by facilitating the realization of a long-incubated concept on designing and hoisting a one-stop website to enable local and emerging music artists to distribute and/or stream their music online in this COVID lockdown period and beyond.

Here are some possible ways you can add value to this project: 

  • Website development: work with project partners to design/improve and host a local music distribution and streaming website.
  • Music branding and marketing: provide the project with knowledge on music branding and marketing both in our workshops and on the projects filmed educative documentary for local and upcoming artists to watch and learn online.
  • Radio awareness campaigns: hold a periodic radio awareness talk shows on community radios on copy right laws, music branding and marketing, music distributions and streaming and conserving intangible cultural heritage (local/cultural music). 
  • Music distribution and streaming: provide the project with their knowledge on music distribution and music stream both in our workshops and on the projects filmed educative documentary for local and upcoming artists to watch and learn online.
  • Copy rights law (intellectual property): provide the project with knowledge on copy right law (intellectual property protection) both in our workshops and on the projects filmed educative documentary for local and upcoming artists to watch and learn online.
  • Cinematography: provide the project with cinematography skills to capture/film an educative documentary for upcoming artist to watch and learn online.
  • Social media presence: support the project by managing the projects social media pages and educate local artists in our workshops on social media presence.
  • The students shall connect the project to other US-based mentors and sponsors.

Project outcome

I believe the implementation of this project shall help me make a positive contribution to the Northern Uganda arts industry in the following ways:

  • Improve local artists' resilience and coping mechanisms in the post-COVID-19 lockdown time.
  • Widen access to market and enhance access to credit financing facility among emerging artists through online social media marketing and revolving fund portfolio from website advertisement proceeds.
  • Safeguard/protect threatened intangible cultural heritage (music and language) of the ethnic Acholi tribe through securing intellectual property rights and digitalized archiving of materials.


How will students help?

  1. Project involves working and designing the website, in order for new artists to use it.
  2. Educate the artists about music marketing/branding and financial education/diversification- using workshops, assisted and developed using the help of Students.


Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment About a semester (3-5 months)
Start time Anytime
Level of collaboration Small group project (2-3 students)
Benefits Academic Credit, Volunteer
Who is eligible All undergraduate students
PROJECT CONCEPT INDUCTION The project organizes workshops at Innovations Village Gulu facilitated by Mc Wang Jok who is a brain child of the project. The Workshops are to enlighten different group of Music artists and stakeholders e.g (Northern Uganda Musician Association, Malo ICT Hub innovator and United Youth Entertainment) on the project concept.

Core partners

Project mentor

Mara Huber

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning; Director, Experiential Learning Network

24 Capen Hall

Phone: (716) 829-2834


Start the project

To apply for one of the limited spaces, send an interest email to with the following information and one of our staff will respond with more information via email :  

  • Share relevant background information about yourself and why you are interested in a global project.
  • Review the list of current global partnerships, list the three you are most interested in working with and explain why for each.
  • Explain what you hope to contribute to and gain from a global project.

Note that global partners rely on the contributions associated with ELN student projects and commit their limited time and resources to working with students. Accordingly, different projects will require varying amounts of time and strong commitment and follow through.  

Preparation activities

Once you begin the digital badge series, you will have access to all the necessary activities and instructions. Your mentor has indicated they would like you to also complete the specific preparation activities below. Please reference this when you get to Step 2 of the Preparation Phase. 

  1. Examine the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the history of the framework. Then select one SDG to focus on as you work through your project.
  2. Download and complete this PowerPoint template.