Uganda: Ajura, Eco-Friendly Fashion and Empowerment

print with silk fabric.

Silk fabric with abstract design. 

Fostering women's empowerment and sustainable design through eco-friendly fashion in Uganda.

Project description

Ajura is fashion label that was founded in July 2019 in Uganda under a registered company Ajura Styles SMC Ltd. Our mission is to provide high-end ecofriendly fashion products to customers in different global markets to support and reduce the destruction of the environment at an affordable rate.

We also offer training to support to young women and girls in the area of eco friendly fashion and also in the area of garment cutting and construction. These skills support women's independence and success. Since opening, we have been able to hire two part time and one full time employees who earn a living by working with Ajura Styles SMC Ltd. 

The leaves we have been in position to identify to leave tannings on the fabric are few and hence this limits the patterns that we want to have on the different fabrics.

As we work to build our business and expand our reach, there are several areas for innovation including:

  • identifying chemicals to improve the prints on various fabrics 
  • diversifying fabric options beyond silk and cotton
  • identifying different local flowers, leaves, and natural materials that have enough tannings and can be used to make patterns on fabric 
  • scaling up production to meet growing market demands

Project outcome

Students are invited to contribute their ideas and talents to this growing business venture. Priority is given to exploring printing techniques and materials that utilize local natural resources including trees and plants. We are also seeking support for expanding our market and the benefits to local women and girls.

In addition to innovation around print making and materials, we are also open to projects that focus on marketing and social media, website and business development, or other ideas for engagement.

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment About a semester (3-5 months)
Start time Anytime
Level of collaboration Individual student project
Benefits Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Who is eligible All undergraduate students

Core partners

Project mentor

Parinieta Ahuja

Graduate Assistant

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