Uganda: Support the Diabetics Organization (SUTEDO)

Poster of the SUTEDO.

SUTEDO envisions a diabetes community with reduced prevalence of the disease. We have a mission of arming all Ugandans—young and old, rich and poor—in the battle against diabetes.

Project description

Support the Diabetics Organisation (SUTEDO) started in 2015, drawing inspiration from the diagnosis of Janae, a 5 year-old girl. The charity was formalized in 2016 and is currently registered as a Community Based Organization operating in Gulu District, northern Uganda. SUTEDO envisions a community with reduced diabetes prevalence and has a mission of arming all Ugandans—young and old, rich and poor—in the battle against diabetes.

Our core values are: hope; humanity; empathy; respect; and dignity.

SUTEDO was established to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a better understanding among all Ugandans about the condition of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Empower all people with Diabetes Mellitus and their caretakers to manage the condition
  • Support and improve local healthcare services where their own resources and education are insufficient

To support our target constituents and the community at large, SUTEDO offers diabetes management and diagnostic tools to healthcare facilities and people living with diabetes. Through continuous research, the charity gives hope to the people living with diabetes and their families, especially children, adolescents and young adults. SUTEDO works to ensure that its clients are respected and therefore continues to lobby for respect and dignity to be granted to people and families affected by diabetes. United by the circumstances, people living with diabetes are a family and SUTEDO reaffirms this by offering them peer support and sense of belonging.

Education and awareness creation are at the heart of the organization. It is heavily involved in educating the masses on the prevention and management of diabetes. To build synergies and avoid duplication, SUTEDO works with partner organizations, institutions, bodies and people that work around diabetes and other non-communicable diseases

Project outcome

SUTEDO’s Needs

  • Website development
  • Grant writing
  • Social media branding
  • Policy formulation for the SUTEDO (Gender and Inclusion, HR, Financial, Workplace safety, Code of Conduct, Equal opportunity and non-discrimination, cyber-security, and any relevant)
  • We are open to innovative ideas (so we are open for suggestions that can uplift the organization)

Ongoing Projects

  • The annual diabetes charity/ awareness walk which is held every November, on the Saturday preceding November 14 to allow everyone to attend without the pressure of missing school or work.
  • The annual "diaversary" screening: A special diabetes screening held every July 2 on children aged 0-12 yrs old only. A diaversary is a day someone has been diagnosed with diabetes. This is done in memory on the day Janae was diagnosed and the screening opportunity is meant to only children as we create awareness on type 1 diabetes and neo-natal diabetes.
  • Annual diabetes concert held in Gulu district every November to raise money to support healthcare facilities with diagnostic and management tools and to support warriors living with diabetes with management tools.
  • Quarterly community outreaches (diabetes screening, education and awareness creation)
  • Starting up and supporting physical activity clubs in learning Institutions and the community to keep our community physically active as a way of prevention of diabetes type 2 and a way to manage diabetes and live a healthier life.
  • Diabetes training for healthcare professionals to share with them the latest information on managing diabetes and discussions on best approaches of managing diabetes.
  • Diabetes management workshop for people living with diabetes and their caretakers. These are feedback sessions on how they are managing the condition and a platform for peer sharing and information sharing around diabetes
  • Diabetes camp (a camp that brings together people living with diabetes with the main focus on type 1 diabetes).
  • Diabetes education offered to people living with diabetes and their caretakers. This helps them understand what they are suffering from and how best they can manage within their means.
  • Supporting healthcare facilities with diabetes diagnostic and management tools to improve and promote early diabetes diagnosis and facilitate immediate treatment and management.

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment About a semester (3-5 months)
Start time Anytime
Level of collaboration Individual student project
Benefits Varied
Who is eligible All undergraduate students
Previous Collaboration.

Project mentor

Mara Huber

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning; Director, Experiential Learning Network

24 Capen Hall

Phone: (716) 829-2834


Start the project

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Preparation activities

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