Rhythmic Communication Entrainment Research

Woman dancing.

Do you wanna dance? If you are interested in why we move to the beat and what moving to someone else's beat makes us do, this study is for you! 

Project description

Are people more likely to take actions based on appeals that engage their rhythmic modalities? Since at least the Ancient Greeks, scholars have explored the effects of rhythm on communication effectiveness. This project will develop a comprehensive literature review and design a series of laboratory experiments for a seminal study on the entraining effects of rhythmic communication. 

Project outcome

Students in this research opportunity will help research and write a literature review on the entraining effects of rhythmic movement in human communication contexts. They will also help design a series of laboratory experiment designs and design a conference poster to be displayed at one of several potential venues, including the poster competition at the UB campus, Singapore Institute of Management. The projected end of the student portion of the project is Spring 2023. 

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment longer than a semester (6-9 mos)
Start time Summer (May/June of 2022)
In-person, remote, or hybrid? Hybrid Project 
Level of collaboration Larger group (8-12) but may work in smaller groups
Benefits Research experience
Who is eligible All undergraduate students , COM 225, COM 101 or PSY 101 recommended 

Project mentor

Kenton Anderson


Communication Science UB-SIM

Phone: (716) 645-2368

Email: kba2@buffalo.edu

Start the project

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Preparation activities

Once you begin the digital badge series, you will have access to all the necessary activities and instructions. Your mentor has indicated they would like you to also complete the specific preparation activities below. Please reference this when you get to Step 2 of the Preparation Phase. 

The specific preparation activities for this project will be customized through discussions between you and your project mentor. Please be sure to ask them for the instructions to complete the required preparation activities.

Students will work toward the creation of literature review on communication entrainment. Sources will be cross-disciplinary and may come from any of the sciences currently exploring the broad topics of entrainment, hypnosis, music, rhythm, biology, physics, audiology, psychology, etc. An initial challenge will be organizing the topic areas within entrainment, in order to parse out the various uses of the term itself within the scientific literature at large.
The later focus of the research will be designing a series of laboratory experiments using the Galileo suite of computer programs, as well as other methodologies commonly used in communication, psychology, and music research.
Specific additional videos and literature prompts will be shared with student researchers as the project goes along



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