CIE 324: Introduction to Structural Design Project

Black and white picture of building under construction.

CIE 324 introduces students to analysis and design of complex structural systems: the art of using the principles of statics and mechanics to calculate the design axial and shear forces and moments and then determine the size and arrangement of structural elements under prescribed loads. 

Project description

CIE 324 is the second class in a two-course sequence required of all civil engineering students. CIE 324 introduces students to analysis and design of complex structural systems. The course considers design loads, tributary areas, and load paths in real-world structures. ASD and LRFD design principles are introduced and applied to structural design.

This course is centered around two design projects – (i) a two-story office building, and (ii) a steel girder bridge. Each project is broken down into a number of assignments, so that when you complete the assignments, you would have designed the structural layout and various components of these two structures. Each assignment is tied to certain learning outcomes.

Project outcome

From the build design project, you will create a professional presentation using PowerPoint that summarizes:

  • Design goals for the building
  • Summary of loads
  • Overview of the structural system highlighting gravity and lateral load paths
  • Critical load combinations and load effects in members obtained from structural analysis
  • Design of select components

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment Semester long
Start time Spring 2023
In-person, remote, or hybrid?
Level of collaboration Individual student project
Benefits Course credit; applied skills
Who is eligible Students enrolled in CIE 324 for Spring 2023

Project mentor

M. V. Sivaselvan


Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Start the project

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Preparation activities

The specific preparation activities for this project will be customized through discussions between you and your project mentor. Please be sure to ask them for the instructions to complete the required preparation activities.


Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering