Prepare for Your Career or Internship

Student looks over paperwork at his job at the GE plant.

Prepare for career and internship opportunities through readying your application materials and creating compelling narratives about your experiences and achievements

Project description

This project is designed for students preparing to apply for jobs or internship opportunities. Through a series of facilitated assignments, students will explore opportunities of interest, readying their application materials and creating compelling narratives connecting their experiences and achievements in support of professional goals.

  1. Sign-up for the Reflection Digital Badge, which includes the activities listed below.
    • Self-evaluation and reflection using NACE's career competencies 
    • Watch and respond to a video workshop entitled "Telling Compelling Stories about Our Experiences and Achievements."
    • Create a video narrative that describes your project experience and how it connects with your academic learning and career goals.
  2. Share a narrated PowerPoint presentation synthesizing the following:
    • Identify and outline 3 job or internship postings that interest you
    • For each opportunity, indicate why the position interests you and how it aligns with your background or skillset
    • Prepare a resume and cover letter that aligns with the identified opportunities. Seek support from Career Services and/or the Center for Excellence in Writing.
    • This should be submitted (uploaded) in the "optional assignment" module in the Reflection Digital Badge. 

Project outcome

  • Support your career preparation by synthesizing your achievements and experiences through compelling communication and application materials.

Project mentor

If you have any questions, email the project mentor!

Charlie Baxter

Assistant Director

Experiential Learning Network

Phone: (716) 645-8494