Enhance Menstrual Health Knowledge and Skills in Tanzanian Secondary Schools

Introduction to reusable sanitary pads .

Enhance the knowledge and skills related to menstrual health management in secondary schools in the Lushoto District of Tanga, Tanzania.

Project description

The project is about enhancement of knowledge and skills on Menstrual Health Management in Secondary Schools in Lushoto District, Tanga, Tanzania. This is due to experience of insufficient knowledge and skills on menstrual health management to secondary school adolescent girls, boys, teachers, school committee members, local community leaders and parents indicated by false beliefs and sigma towards girls, use of improper materials for managing menstruation and insufficient support to girls during menstruation as noted by CVS-Tanzania and as justified by the Research Study by the National Institute for Medical Research, 2016 in schools from 16 districts in Tanzania which asserted that there were inappropriate hygiene practices including, use of unclean sanitary pad materials, changing pads infrequently, insertion of unclean material into vagina, unsafe disposal of used sanitary materials or blood and lack of hand-washing after changing a sanitary towel. As a result some health risks such as poor protection and inadequate washing, increase of susceptibility to diseases infection. Some noted consequences include poor concentration in classes due to lack of confidence caused by poor sanitary wear and fear of staining their uniforms, 48% were reported missing class due to menstruation, with 36% staying home during days of heavy flow and 12% not attending school at all during menstruation, and 78% responded that menstruation affect academic performance.

The project will contribute to effective menstrual health management among girls in Tanzania and will enhance knowledge and skills on Menstrual Health Management, reduce girls school drop outs, enhance girls school performance, improve use of reusable sanitary pads, minimize false beliefs and stigma towards girls and reduce adolescent girls early pregnancies. These will be achieved through participatory approach where by all the school stakeholders including girls, boys, teachers, school committee members, local community leaders meaning local community authorities and other influential people as well as parents representatives will be actively involved.

The participating international students will be involved in variety of activities which include collection and assessment of data from the schools, awareness creation to the schools and community, groups discussion facilitation, findings documentation and sharing their experiences globally.

Project outcome

The anticipated project outcomes by the participating international students include:

  • School Girls Drop Out Assessment Reports
  • School Girls Poor Performance Assessment Reports
  • Menstrual Materials Assessment reports
  • False Beliefs and Stigma Assessment Reports
  •  School references on Menstrual Health Management Challenges
  • School Remedies on Menstrual Health Management Challenges

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment Flexible 
Start time Flexible 
Level of collaboration Individual student project 
Benefits Varied
Who is eligible All undergraduate students
Support Funding is available after the completion of the preparation badge. See below.

Core partners

Project mentor

Mara Huber

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning, Director of

Experiential Learning Network

Phone: (716) 829-2834

Email: mbhuber@buffalo.edu


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Preparation guidance

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