Carly Verrette: Solar Health Uganda - Safe Births + Healthy Homes project

Donating solar light to new moms and babies

About the project

Solar Health Uganda: Addressing Energy Poverty and Climate Change

Final project outcome

Student reflections

What I did

Photo of mother and baby infront of solar light.

This semester, my project for ELN was to work with Solar Health Uganda, a nonprofit organization that addresses energy poverty in off-grid communities. I worked with two other classmates to create an interactive report for two projects SHU is sponsoring. We made an interactive report for the Safe Births + Healthy Homes project along with a report for the Women's SET (solar empowerment training). These reports will be used by SHU as references when writing grant proposals and when working with potential clients/donators.

What I learned

Throughout the project, I learned how to collaborate with a team of people who are not all in the same area. Caroline Jolly, a representative from SHU worked with my group and we met weekly to discuss our work. She lives in Africa, so finding a time that worked for all of us was sometimes difficult. The time zone difference was a curveball my group had to work through as well, but we were able to create a group message with Caroline and this made communication more efficient. I also learned about the United Nations' seventeen sustainable development goals. 

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