Research Project Stories

Explore stories of students working on mentored research projects.

One website calls digital humanities a “revolutionary humanities education,” praising those initiated in the sub-culture of digital editing for their “pioneering effort.”
Ever wonder how much energy buildings on campus use every year, or where that energy comes from? Curious to know which building uses the most energy? Well a group of students from the ELN’s Sophomore Living Learning Community are about to launch an app that will tell you just that.
Kyle Hunt, an Industrial and Systems Engineering major, began to look for research opportunities when he was a sophomore. Using ELN's Project Portal, Kyle found an opportunity to work in Professor Jun Zhuang's Decision, Risk, and Data Lab on campus.
"I came in knowing nothing." And yet, Charles has gone on to do great things with research, including participating in an NSF-funded program at the University of Miami. He believes everyone can do research. Check out his inspiring story!