Curriculum Management

The dean of undergraduate education oversees all undergraduate-level course and curriculum development, including proposals for new courses, degrees, certificates, minors and concentrations; revisions to existing courses or curricula; elimination of outdated offerings; and changes in major and degree admission criteria and requirements. This dynamic process is ongoing as departments and schools continually assess their offerings and seek to provide undergraduate students with the most enriching and appropriate academic experience.

Course and Curriculum Proposal Overview

All new and revised courses and programs must be approved by the home department, the decanal unit, the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Undergraduate Associate Dean's Council. All new degree programs and many revisions of degree programs also need approval of SUNY-Central in Albany and the State Education Department (SED).  

Deadlines for Course and Program Changes

To ensure that a proposal will be reviewed and approved in time for the intended semester start date, units should adhere to the Curricular Change Deadlines. Changes to curricular requirements may only be implemented with a fall effective date, so care must be taken to ensure proposals are submitted early enough for consideration, especially if they require further review by SUNY and SED.

Curricular Change Deadlines
Type of Proposal Spring 2019 Deadline Summer 2019 Deadline Fall 2019 Deadline Winter 2020 Deadline
Course Proposals -New or Revised: Review continuously, but these dates align best with scheduling and room assignment process. 8/1/18 11/1/18 12/1/18 7/2/19
New Degree Programs: All licensure and non-licensure. n/a n/a 10/2/18 n/a
Licensure Programs:  n/a n/a 10/2/18 n/a
Non-licensure Programs: n/a n/a 10/2/18 n/a
Non-licensure Programs: n/a n/a 1/2/19 n/a