September 24, 2020

Distinguished Visiting Scholars Statement on Indigenous Peoples Day

We, the Center for Diversity Innovation’s inaugural cohort of Distinguished Visiting Scholars, adamantly believe in supporting Indigenous lives, lands and sovereignty throughout the year and The Center for Diversity Innovation’s inaugural cohort of Distinguished Visiting Scholars take this Indigenous people’s day to reflect on our presence here.

We acknowledge our presence on the traditional, ancestral lands of the Seneca and Tuscarora Nations. We acknowledge the coercion, violence, dispossession, theft, and active continued colonization practices. Most importantly, we commend the survival and thrivance of Indigenous peoples here locally in the Buffalo area and on the global scale. We join with communities of Indigenous people this Indigenous Peoples day to affirm the value of Indigenous histories, cultures, knowledge systems and political entities while working to support and ensure Indigenous futures.

During our time at The University at Buffalo, we’d like to personally affirm our commitment to the respect and the inherent value of Indigenous lives, our never-ending demand for justice, and our staunch belief in our collective humanity. Importantly, we would like to publicly commit to working with you to proudly celebrate Indigenous Futures and affirm the #LandBack movement, in particular to stopping further encroachment on Haudenosaunee lands.

We are looking forward to learning with you and building a better tomorrow.

Yours in Service,

Terri, Victoria, Waverly, Mishuana,
Nicholas, Eli, Vanessa, John, Patricia