Understanding and Disrupting Implicit Bias

Participants in Center for Diversity Innovation workshop.

Implicit bias is a pervasive phenomenon that perpetuates racial, gender, income, and other forms of discrimination and exclusion. 

How might people who do not explicitly espouse negative attitudes on the base of race, gender, or other group membership nonetheless engage in adverse assessment of others on the basis of those characteristics?  What, if any, control can we exert over own and others’ biases? Are there steps organizations can take to curtail the effects of bias on attitudes and behavior?

In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of the science of “implicit” (and “explicit”) bias, how each form of bias adversely influences decision making and group interaction, and yields patterns of differential treatment. Importantly, participants will learn how to individually and collectively recognize and disrupt the effects of implicit bias, limit negative effects, and create more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. (Microaggressions and the Insidious Subtlety of Everyday Discrimination: How to Create More Collegial, Empowering, and Just Working and Learning Spaces and other trainings listed are logical additional sessions to disrupt the effects of implicit bias.)


Workshop Presenter:  

Dr. Maura Belliveau / Director, Center for Diversity Innovation/Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program / Research Faculty, Educational Leadership and Policy, Graduate School of Education / University at Buffalo

Dates and Registration

  • Friday, Jan. 22nd, 10 am - 11:30 am