Workshops, Trainings, Consultations Descriptions

A diverse group of faculty and staff, completing a written exercise during a training session.

UB and SUNY faculty and staff attend a Center for Diversity Innovation training session on mentoring.

The Center for Diversity Innovation offers empirically-based trainings, workshops, and consultations to members of the UB, SUNY, and Buffalo communities. Not including the activities and engagement of the Distinguished Visiting Scholars with UB and the community, the Center reached more than 3,400 participants through trainings, workshops, consultations, and research presentations/events in 2019 and 2020. 

Photo of UB faculty, participating in a workshop sponsored by the Center for Diversity Innovation.

UB faculty members, participating in a workshop on mentoring. 

Center for Diversity Innovation trainings/workshops include:

*  Best Practices in Faculty (and Leadership) Search to Create More Diverse Institutions

*  Readiness to Hire: Preparing to Achieve Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Goals

*  Microaggressions and the Insidious Subtlety of Everyday Discrimination: How to Create More Collegial, Empowering, and Just Working and Learning Spaces

*  Creating Inclusive Cultures within Departments/Programs/Units

*  Creating Departmental Diversity Statements

*  Department- and Unit-level Strategies for Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


People in the audience, Slee Hall, at a talk.

Photo: Nancy Parisi