Brilliant Imperfection: Writing about our Bodyminds

Brilliant Imperfections: Writing about our Bodyminds


Friday, March 5, 2021,   2 pm

Eli Clare

Sponsored by
Palah Light Lab, UB


Image of Eli Clare, kneeling in a forest.

Brilliant Imperfection: Writing about our Bodyminds

A writing workshop with UB Distinguished Visiting Scholar Eli Clare.

SPONSORS: Palah Light Lab, A Creative and Critical COmmunity for Queer and Feminist New Media

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Speaker Bio Affiliation

Photo of Eli Clare, outdoors.

Eli Clare, UB Distinguished Visiting Scholar

White, disabled, and genderqueer, Eli Clare makes home near Lake Champlain in occupied Abenaki territory (currently known as Vermont) where he writes and proudly claims a penchant for rabble-rousing. He has written two books of creative non-fiction, Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure and Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation, and a collection of poetry, The Marrow's Telling: Words in Motion, and has been published in many periodicals and anthologies. For the last decade, Eli has spoken, taught, and facilitated all over the United States and Canada at conferences, community events, and colleges about disability, queer and trans identities, and social justice. Among other pursuits, he has walked across the United States for peace, coordinated a rape prevention program, and helped organize the first ever Queerness and Disability Conference.

Notable Awards:  Richard L. Schlegel Award for visionary LGBTQ leadership; American University; Randy Shilts Award for Gay Nonfiction for Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure; The Publishing Triangle; Creating Change Award; National LGBTQ Task Force

Areas of Interest/Special Expertise:  Storytelling; poetry; the essential role of art in creating just places; community building; connections between race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability; disabled and/or LGBTQ student needs; student activism.

M.F.A., Poetry, Goddard College