Dr. Mishuana Goeman, UB CDI Distinguished Visiting Scholar: Digital Possibilities and Collaboration with First Peoples

Digital Possibilities and Collaboration with First Peoples

Monday, February 22, 2021

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Dr. Mishuana Goeman

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Depts. of Geography, Global Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Linguistics, and Transnational Studies, and the UB Center for Diversity Innovation

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Digital Possibilities and Collaboration with First Peoples

Dr. Mishuana Goeman will address best practices and the primary tools involved in two projects. Mapping Indigenous LA aims to uncover the multiple layers of indigenous Los Angeles through storymapping with tribal Nations, Indigenous youth, community leaders, and elders from Indigenous communities throughout the city of Los Angeles to tell the muti-layered stories of placemaking. This collaborative research makes visible the rich Indigenous identities and histories that are often hidden within other racial formations yet deeply embedded in place through tools such as ArcGIS, Timemap, and Mukurtu. MILA tells a story of Los Angeles that looks at the relationship between people, place, and the environment. COAH (Carrying Our Ancestors Home) focuses on the process and diversity of returning ancestral remains and cultural items from museums to First Peoples and the impact of such repatriation on Indigenous communities, in part through digital story (Mukurtu and Nightlabs). An important teaching tool in American Indian Studies, archaeology, anthropology, and cultural material classes as it uniquely presents tribal voices.

Additional Resources:
Carrying Our Ancestors Home (COAH)
Mapping Indigenous LA (MILA)
Author of Mark My Words: Native Women Mapping Our Nationshttp://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/mark-my-words

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CO-SPONSOR:  Geography, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies, Indigenous Studies, Linguistics, Transnational Studies, and the UB Center for Diversity Innovation

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Speaker Bio Affiliation

Photo of Prof. Mishuana Goeman, smiling and looking directly at the camera.

Dr. Mishuana Goeman

Tonawanda Band of Seneca

Dr. Mishuana Goeman, Tonawanda Band of Seneca, is Professor of Gender Studies, Chair of American Indian Studies, and affiliated faculty of Critical Race Studies in the Law School at UCLA. She is also the inaugural Special Advisor to the UCLA Chancellor on Native American and Indigenous Affairs. Goeman is the author of Mark My Words: Native Women Mapping Our Nations (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) and the forthcoming Settler Aesthetics and the Spectacle of Originary Moments: Terrence Malick’s the New World, in progress with the Indigenous Film Series, Eds. Randolph Lewis and David Shorter at University of Nebraska Press. She is a Co-PI on two community based digital projects, Mapping Indigenous L.A (2015), which gathers alternative maps of resiliency from Indigenous LA communities, and Carrying Our Ancestors Home (2019), a site concentrating on better working tribal relationships and communications as it concerns repatriation and NAGPRA.

Areas of Interest/Special Expertise: Studying settler-colonialism, geography and literature in ways that generate anti-colonial tools in the struggle for social justice; an Indigenous approach considering ways colonial violence is gendered; digital humanities; mentoring Haudenosaunee students and those interested in Indigenous and/or Gender Studies; collaborative politics.

PhD, Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University; MA, Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University; BA, English Literature and Native American Studies, Dartmouth College


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