Residency Requirement

Two people at a commencement ceremony.

The Center for Diversity Innovation Distinguished Visiting Scholar program is committed to the concept of a residential visit involving community engagement.

In Residence September through May

During their visit, Scholars must reside in a community which affords Scholars the ability to be in attendance in the Scholar offices at mid-day three to four days a week, at other designated times, and to attend the weekly seminars and other speaker events hosted by the Center and/or their host departments at UB and within the local community.

Our expectation is that Scholars will remain in residence at the Center from Sept. 1 through late May, excluding holiday periods. While Scholars are required to be in residence through late May, they may coordinate with the Center to continue using their Scholar office and UB library and IT resources until August 1.

Center staff can provide information to assist Scholars in finding housing and schools. Funds are available to all Scholars who relocate to participate in the program.

Please direct questions/inquiries to