Program Requirements

Graduate students standing and smiling at a reception.

The Center for Diversity Innovation’s Distinguished Visiting Scholars program has a number of requirements, in addition to planned work on a specified scholarly and/or creative project.

Requirements for Distinguished Visiting Scholars

  • Scholars serve in a full-time, temporary, salaried, benefits eligible position; hence, Scholars are required to be in residence and on campus regularly during the academic year in order to fully engage with students, faculty, and the community. (Please see residency requirements.)
  • Scholars will be assigned two mentoring circles (one comprising underrepresented undergraduate students; the other, underrepresented graduate students). Scholars are required to engage with each of their circles as a group at minimum three times per semester. Individual meetings and involvement of students in Scholar projects are strongly encouraged as part of the program. The Center will assist in managing student engagement to maximize Scholar impact while affording dedicated time for Scholars’ projects.
  • Scholars will be required to deliver some combination of lectures, performances, master classes, presentations, exhibitions, and/or discussions to share their expertise with students, faculty, and members of the community. These activities will be chosen by Scholars in concert with host departments and the Center for Diversity Innovation.
  • Scholars will be expected to support their host department in recruitment efforts by providing insights and information on targets for hire and ideas aimed at enhancing diversity in graduate student and faculty recruitment and inclusion within departments and programs. 
  • Although Scholars will not have assigned teaching during their residency, to spur curricular innovation, Scholars will be expected to share ideas about curricular development with their host department. 
  • While in this program, Scholars may not engage in paid activities (e.g., teaching or consulting) concurrent with their term as a Scholar unless approved by the Center for Diversity Innovation. Other roles and responsibilities (e.g., research collaborations) that preclude the Scholar from being present at UB for prolonged periods during Scholar employment are also prohibited.
  • Scholars will attend department and UB-wide seminars/colloquia and events, and be active and visible members of the UB faculty community. 
  • Attendance at special events held to introduce and involve the Distinguished Visiting Scholars cohort within UB and the community is required.

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