Frequently Asked Questions

Michael Heflin from Buffalo State College talking with students.

Please review all of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn more about the Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, we encourage you to contact us.

How are Distinguished Visiting Scholar applicants recruited and evaluated?

The program is designed to elicit as diverse a pool of applicants as possible; consequently, the recruitment process is open to all who meet the eligibility criteria. ALL applicants must complete the UB JOBS on-line application and supply the required information (as described in the application). When accessing the on-line application, you will be required to choose a department which would be most appropriate to join the Center in hosting your year-long visit. (Please see the PDF containing a list of all departments at UB. You will be required to use the department code number provided on this list in your application when asked to indicate the department that you believe would be the most appropriate host for your visit.)

Complete applications received by the deadline will be forwarded to the UB department that you indicated as most closely associated with your discipline/field. Departments will provide evaluations of applicants. The university-wide Distinguished Visiting Scholar selection committee will then choose candidates who can best fulfill the program objectives. The Center will invite those candidates to join the inaugural cohort of 2020-21 Distinguished Visiting Scholars.

If the 2020-21 academic year is not the best year for me to apply, will applications be sought annually?

Yes, the program has been generously funded by UB’s Office of the Provost to continue on a recurring basis.

Is it possible to be part of this program for less than a full academic year?

Given the program structure of mentoring circles and engagement within UB and in the community, we will be hosting only those Scholars who can commit to an entire academic year, in residence.

Are applicants who do not currently hold faculty positions eligible?

Advanced assistant professors, associate or full professors or highly accomplished non-academics whose profile matches the needs of the program and would be qualified to obtain tenure in a UB department may apply. Each Distinguished Visiting Scholar will hold a full-time, temporary, salaried (benefits eligible) position at UB.

What is the salary of Distinguished Visiting Scholars?

The salary associated with fulfilling the residential and all other requirements of this program is $115,000. A best practice in fostering high degrees of cohort interaction is to curtail salary dispersion. As a result, all Scholars will receive the same salary.

Does the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program have teaching requirements?

Scholars will not have assigned teaching in their host department. Instead, Scholars will participate in structured mentoring circles and be available to their host departments and the Center for Diversity Innovation to engage in class presentations, campus-wide talks, exhibits, and/or performances and other activities to share their expertise with the university and local communities.

Will UB provide lab or other space to Scholars?

Applicants will be asked to specify lab or other resources needed to conduct their scholarly and/or creative endeavors. The program cannot necessarily accommodate all such needs, but will work with departments to provide details on available resources to Scholars at the time of an offer.

What support do Distinguished Visiting Scholar applicants receive during their visit?

Scholars are provided with:

  • Office space
  • IT resources (a laptop with peripherals and access to centralized printing)
  • Library research support
  • Fax and mail services
  • Planned events for Scholar residencies, tailored to the Scholars’ interests, expertise, and coordinated to maximize exposure of Scholars’ work within UB and the community
  • Structured mentoring circles with funding and assistance in coordinating high-impact activities with those circles of students
  • A cohort experience enabling Scholars to meet highly accomplished peers in the program, as well as across UB
  • A salary level that enables candidates to apply to this program in non-sabbatical, as well as sabbatical, years
  • Information on and some assistance with housing and relocation
  • Relocation funds for those Scholars who live outside the Buffalo area

Should untenured faculty apply to the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program?

As noted on the Program Description page:

Applications are sought from exceptionally accomplished faculty who, through their record of scholarship and/or creative endeavors, teaching, mentoring, and service, as well as their skills, experiences, underrepresentation, and areas of scholarly and/or creative expertise, can substantially advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Buffalo.

Consequently, untenured faculty may apply, but the Center encourages applications from only those untenured faculty who have a demonstrable record of accomplishment, both in their scholarly and/or creative endeavors and in mentoring students, that has made them highly visible and respected in their field. This is an annual program so opportunities to apply will recur.

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