President Satish Tripathi speaking with Victoria Udondian.

President Satish Tripathi and 2020-21 Distinguished Visiting Scholar Victoria Udondian

To apply to this program for the academic year 2021-22, please see the official University at Buffalo posting where you can access the on-line application portal (available through link below).

ALL candidates must formally apply via this portal to receive consideration. Applications sent directly to the Center or to a UB department will not be forwarded or considered.

When accessing the on-line application through UB JOBS, you will be required to indicate a department code number associated with the primary department that you believe would be the most appropriate host for your visit. (You will also be able to indicate the code number for a secondary department.)  Please see this PDF for the list of all departments at UB and their associated code numbers. IMPORTANT: To be considered, applicants must indicate a College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) department as either a primary or secondary affiliation choice. If a CAS dept. is selected as a primary affiliation, secondary affiliation is optional. However, if a non-CAS dept. is selected as a primary affiliation, you must indicate an appropriate CAS dept. as a secondary affiliation.  

Your application must be accompanied by four documents: a cover letter; mentoring statement; annotated list of professional and mentoring references; and a current CV/resume. Information on the topics to be addressed in the cover letter and mentoring statement, as well as details on the reference list, are available on the UB JOBS posting.

UPDATE:  Due to increased work/non-work demands for those you may choose as references, it is understood that some reference letters may not be received until sometime after the Jan. 31st deadline. Please do not hesitate to apply despite the possibility that reference letters may arrive late. Delayed letters will be included in your application evaluation to the greatest degree possible.  (More information is provided on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.)

The University at Buffalo is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Please view our Employment Opportunities website to learn more.

Please direct questions/inquiries to