Archived Presentations

A screen showing sixteen "squares" with 13 students and faculty attending a virtual class session.

Dr. Patrick McDevitt (History), hosting UB Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Dr. Nicholas Githuku, December 2020.

The Center for Diversity Innovation and the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program regularly engage in presentations, panels and discussions at UB, within SUNY, and our local communities. Whenever recordings are available, they will be posted here.

Several young people stand facing the camera with Dr. Seth Parker Woods and Ling Lin from UB. In the background is the Slee Hall concert stage and Dr. Woods's cello.

Dr. Seth Parker Woods meets with local youth string musicians and UB Distinguished Visiting Scholars supporter, Ling Lin, after Dr. Woods' performance of Difficult Grace.

Dr. Seth Parker Woods, Difficult Grace, University at Buffalo, November 12, 2021

Prof. Vanessa Holden speaking, looking at the camera, wearing a maroon sweater.

Prof. Vanessa Holden, presenting her work to the Digital Scholarship Studio & Network.

Dr. Vanessa Holden Presents the Freedom on the Move Project

On Thursday, Feb. 11, Dr. Vanessa Holden presented "Digital Footprints: The Freedom on the Move Project" to the UB community in an event sponsored by the UB Digital Scholarship Studio and Network (DSSN) and co-sponsored by the departments of Africana and American Studies, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies, History, and the UB Center for Diversity Innovation.  

Freedom on the Move (FOTM) is an open access crowdsourced database project aimed at transcribing and coding thousands of advertisements placed by enslavers and jailors for fugitives from American slavery. Often called runaway ads, these important primary sources are a rich record of enslaved people’s resistance and American slavery’s cruelty. 

Based at the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER), FOTM’s lead faculty include Ed Baptist (Cornell), Vanessa M. Holden (UB Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Center for Diversity Innovation), Hasan Kwame Jeffries (Ohio State), Molly Mitchel (UNOLA), and Josh Rothman (Alabama). Dr. Holden will speak about these fraught sources and the ethical implications of cataloguing them.

Prof. Waverly Duck facing a webcam with a colorful background.

Dr. Waverly Duck, UB CDI Distinguished Visiting Scholar (Sociology)

Meet the 2020-21 UB Distinguished Visiting Scholars

On Friday, September 25th, the UB community welcomed the inaugural cohort of UB CDI Distinguished Visiting Scholars.

Prof. Mishuana Goeman, speaking in front of a Native American map.

Dr. Mishuana Goeman, UB CDI Distinguished Visiting Scholar (Indigenous Studies)

Electric Lights and Tourist Sights: Gendering Dispossession and Colonial Infrastructure at Niagara Falls

The UB Gender Institute sponsored Dr. Mishuana Goeman's presentation on December 3rd.