Presentation Materials

Spring 2021

February 11: Vanessa Holden “Digital Footprints: The Freedom on the Move Project”
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February 19: Siwei Lyu “Fighting AI-synthesized Fake Media”
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February 22: Mishuana Goeman “Digital Possibilities and Collaboration with First Peoples”
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March 3: Cody Mejeur and Blair Johnson “Queer/Feminist New Media Tools” 
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Presentation slides

March 9: “Immersive Technology and Instruction in Geology, Social Work, and Surgery”
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March 24: Melanie Aceto "Choreographic Lineage” 
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March 30: Barry Smith "Ontology and the Digital Humanities"
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April 7: Yotam Ophir “The Analysis of Topic Model Network”
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Additional Readings

April 16: Symposium: "Automation, Algorithms, and Bias, from Settler Colonialism through the Future of Auditing"
Speakers: Sarah Montoya, Cathy O'Neil, and Ewa Plonowska Ziarek. Moderator and comments: Evviva Weinraub Lajoie
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April 21: Claudio Saunt, University of Georgia "Digital Public History"
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Fall 2020

September 10: Nick Wasmoen, "Digital Portfolio and Presentation Building."
Slides from Workshop

September 22, 23, and October 8: Jim Gordon, "Accessibility"
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September 23: Alex Reid, “Collective Experiments in Remote Learning”
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October 8:  "Conversation on DeepFakes / Social Impact of Fake Media"
Led by Siwei Lyu, with Yotam Ophir, Alex Reid, and Ewa Ziarek.
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Further reading

October 8, 15, and 22: NYDH series, “Editing and Encoding in the Undergraduate Classroom.”

November 9: Averill Earls and Sarah Handley-Cousins, "Podcasting as Digital Public History"
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November 16: Averill Earls, "Digital Storytelling in the Classroom"
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December 3 & 10: Jim Gordon, “Data Normalization: Excel Tips & Tricks”
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Spring 2020

February 5, 2020:  Chris Mele, The Challenges of Community-based Digital Storytelling
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Fall 2019

September 5: DSSN Grand Opening
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